Sunday, November 10, 2013

Placing Encounter on the Hexcrawl

I've figured out where all the castles, settlements, towers, and houses are curently. Each of the hexes with such a feature prestent will have a description for those items but there is  a need to determine where other encounters will be, The following is the method I used.

Folk Encounters: there will be a folk encounter in each hex that contains a castle, settlement, tower, or house. There will also be a folk encounter in each hex surrounding a castle. These encounters will be with a variety of folks including merchants, bandits, vagabonds, and patrols.

Monsters come next: These monsters will either be vast hordes of monsters or extremely dangerous individual monsters. Each hex without a folk encounter has a 2/3rds chance of having such a monster encounter; this will give us "cleared zones" around civilization but doesn't preclude the chance of a castle otherwise being monster controlled.

animal encounters follow: These encounters will be with large herds or animals that are valuable commodities most of the time. First pass through the map all hexes without folk or monster get an animal encounter. Second pass through each hex that doesn't contain a monster, castle, or settlement has a 50% chance of an animal encounter.

After the above was completed 20 hexes are randomly selected to have an animal encounter regardless of their current contents as are 12 hexs for monster encounters.

Bear in mind I don't yet know what the specific encounters will be with but I know they are there, as I was going through the process above I marked up a layer on my hex map. I'll erase the marks as I get the encounters written up. I find it's handy to use a visual method like that as I will not lose track as I move through the hexes.

The encounter-plot generated by following the steps above.

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