Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dice Roller (Blog now with javascript)

I don't know why I haven't played with JavaScript much here on the blog I used to debug and optimize code for a former employer's intranet mistress years back. So Aeons & Augauries is now empowered with scripting... (ooooh).

D-LUX Dice Roller

My super deluxe dice roller Click a button, get a number

+d4+ +d5+  +d6+ +d7+ +d8+ +d10+ +d12+ +d14+ +d16+ +d20+ +d24+ +d30+ +d100+ +d1000+ +d10000+
refresh if you have too many numbers for your taste on the screen


  1. your d1000 is coming up as d30

    1. And yes I note the subtle irony there was a typo when I said I used to proof for a company intranet...