Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Campaign Pitch

 Here's the campaign pitch for my latest campaign:

They came with shriek one summer day as a plague of locusts, their cries were deafening; their breath burnt the air as it boiled the sea and poisoned the soil and polluted the waters all the nations of the world broke that day, all the people felt the hunger of the dragons.

Now centuries later the dragons have retreated into mountain aeries and deep tunnels and the peoples of the are rediscovering the world that was and building the world that will be. Tribes of disparate lands had built fledgling nations beholding to petty kings but there were none that could truly oppose the might of The Overlord and his vast legions. So, it is such that The Dragonwrack, the part of the world most ruined by the plague of dragons, has become a land of fugitives, exiles, and criminals each set to play out the story of their lives among the outlaws of The Dragonwrack.


Some old notes on at least two different versions of the same general setting have appeared on the blog earlier... so of course this is another one. 

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