Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yes Wizardawn, Yes.

Hello, sorry for the public comment, I liked what I saw and eagerly await what may follow. Feel free to use the graphics for a project on your website all I ask is a mention/credits for what I contribute (which you've done) and a head's up so I can take a peek at what you've done (not that I'd be likely to miss it I enjoy your site very much).


  1. Thanks. The only thing I see doing at the moment is making a separate tool like "Ultimate Sewer Dweller" or something like that. This needs a little "work" as I want it to have sewery stuff (is sewery a word?) in it. I got tired of using dungeon geomorphs when I was making a post-apocalyptic sewer adventure so your geomorphs are perfect for it. I had to make my own spaceship and sci-fi building geomorphs because I couldn't find any out on the google-web.

    Also, your link name is out of date on the right. I retired "Djeryv's Dungeon Door" server awhile ago and consolidated it to my Wizardawn server. Just an FYI.

  2. Cool, glad you find them useful. Ill try to fix that link too.