Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ultimate Mutant Adventures!

The harried mutant master has gained a useful set of tools for random adventure generation thanks to wizardawn. It's a set of adjustable generators for ruined cities, large modern/futuristic buildings, star-ships and colony ark-ships. I've already put the ruined city one to use myself.

Each one can be set to a custom game from Wizardawn (Broken Urthe), Mutant Future or Classic Post-Apocalypse. It's possible to adjust type of currency, levels for the adventure, what sized HD the game uses (in some cases), the size of the entire map is adjustable by number of tiles used. One can set the first most likely occupant and second most likely occupant alog with the chance of "visitors" from surrounding terrain, along with a number of probabilities for occurrences of traps, loot, and  enemies. There is some minor variation between each style.

It's a very useful tool for any ref and certainly worth utilizing.
The link: , this takes you to Wizardawn's RPG page. The Ultimate Mutant Adventure is in the list of Generators, one of many sets of tools so generously available on that site.


  1. That looks cool, I'll have to spend some time fooling around with them. Looks like he put a lot of work into it.