Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dark Dungeons

Dark dungeons has been released. It's a retro-clone of a certain version of a well known RPG published in a single big white volume.

It's a darned big book at over 300 pages and covers play from 1st level to immortality. Classes are fighters, thieves, magic-users, clerics, mystics, dwarves, halfings and elves. There are a number of skills to fleshout characters and a hierarchy of weapon skills with stats for non-skilled users to Grandmasters against both armed and unarmed foes. There are large sections covering "the end game" as it is often mentioned in gaming land with a chapter for Settling Down (which covers domains and events there-in) , War ! (which covers large scale conflict). Later chapters include planar adventures, the quest for immortality and it's related powers. The monster section has a lot of familiar critters, a few with names filed off and a few original creatures.

The pdf is free go give it a look for yourself.

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  1. This looks very decent. I haven't had a chance to really go through it yet, but I'm impressed by the (8 page!) index - not just with its contents, but the fact that it's there at all. Compare this to say, S&W or AEC. Serious pet peeve of mine.