Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Night on Tekumel

...from the tunnel the party sprang up through the trap door. The MU tried to distract the Hlutrgu with an illusionary beast and while this didn't work the warriors still somehow got the upper hand and melee was joined. The five swamp-frogs were slain in a desperate fight and one warrior was incapacitated by wounds so the party quickly searched the chamber and fled the underworld (missing treasures beyond that chamber I must add).

The party sought out a physician for their badly wounded ally but could find none that would provide a price they could tolerate so they spent their precious coin resting in the foreign quarter.

During their rest he players met a new dashingly handsome priest of Avanthe. They agreed to escort him to a nearby temple and were accosted by a party of foreigners wearing redbasket hats trying to purchase the priest. The party fled through a door opened by a slave girl charmed by the priests looks and escaped a battle that would surely mean their doom. Fearing the priest would be kidnapped by the redbasket hatted foreigners the priest stayed low with the rest of the PCs and they traveled into the underworld to seek fortune there as danger enough with no reward could be found on the streets of the city.

In but 10 minutes into the underworld the party was embroiled with a small number of emboldened Kurgha (nasty 6 legged scavengers) and dispatched the disgusting creatures before travelling on (luckily not going back to the chamber with the dead Hlutrgu where they would find far more of the beasts).

Thw corridors proved to be empty for a good span with many chambers others had looted in the past and then a horrible stench assailed the party as they encountered a pair of Shunned Ones. The party held firm if a bit sickened and resisted a spell one of the Shunned Ones cast (or so they think) and the Shunned Ones simply walked off as if the PCs were of no concern to them. The party waited for the stench to past and then followed the route they though the shunned ones followed and they quickly discovered a way down to the second level of the underworld.

Upon the second level of the underworld they disovered longer runs of corridors then on they had found on the first level. The party was alerted by lights in the distance and investigated with stealth discovering a small party of men searching a large chanber. Deciding a turned back was too tempting a target the party struck their unwary foes. A desperate fight followed the MU was incapacitated and a warrior in the party was slain before the other party was overcome. With the modest coin found on the other adventurers the party set off for the surface carrying their wounded party member after stripping a few choice items from their foes and dead ally. The return to the surface was successful and had little to note.

I'm using a HP variant inspired by some conventions notes of Mr. Gygax wherein PCs are incapacitated when brought to 0 or less hp but are not lain until negative hp exceed their level.


  1. I'm enjoying a this game where the players really don't' know what to expect even though I am presenting it mostly as a straight up hack and slash dungeon crawl. Tekumel as flavor and the reasons for differences in monsters, spells and treasures is a lot of fun for me.

    I know some Tekumel fan boys would lament this approach but it's a heck of a lot of fun for me.

  2. It's your game.
    --Let the others eat cake. ;)