Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gringle's Tavern

Gringle's Tavern, an unmapped stat-free location to add to your local Megadungeon

A secure door with a sealed observation port stands under a well painted sign advertising "Gringle's Tavern" .
Knocking on the door will result in one begin questioned by either of the RedCaps door guards (inside the door) there is no secret entry code but the Red Caps are instructed to keep folks and monsters out that could upset business. Bashing the doors open would invite the wrath of the guard, gringo, his staff and many of the patrons who will fight to defend this place of comfort.

When the door open warmth, fine food, libation and company are ever present. Any willing to enter in peace are allowed to drink and dine but fights do break out on occasion.

Gringle tends bar and a trio of goblin-man barmaids serve the patrons in the tavern.
The hag in the kitchen is a wrinkled and odd dark elf of 3rd level who keeps two sleep spells on hand to put an end to bar-fights back out in the common room. She is aided by a number of menials (usually gnomes, goblin-men and molemen) and Lum a relatively calm and obedient Ogre.

Back-rooms are available for those that don't' wish to wine and dine with just anyone, but the service is a little slow.

Anyone starting a fight in the common room will likely be slept by the cook and fined half of their possessions before begin carried away from Gringle's and possibly dumped outside the dungeon.

Fare (roll a d10 to see which one isn't available any given day)
1. Shelf Fungus Roasted in Firebeetle Oil… 4sp
2. Savory Root Mash… 4 cp
3. Boiled Fire Beetle served with garlic-butter and fried roots… 5gp
4. Honey Cakes…. 2sp for 3 small cakes
5. Thick Vegetable Stew with yummy dumplings… 5cp
6. Toast and Grelsh (gnomish garlic-relish)… 6cp
7. Stuffed Bats, a half dozen small bats stuffed with spiced break crumbs and boiled sparrow eggs… 2gp
8. Roasted Meat in black sauce. A goodly portion of meat (usual off the bone) sitting in a thick sweet black sauce of mashed beans,cooked blood, pan drippings and seasonings… 4sp
9. Toast and beans. A half loaf of toasted bread covered in beans sprinkled with cheese… 4cp
10.Gobs and Tatters, a variety of small meat chunks of various cuts and beasts served with portions of boiled roots… 8cp

Drink (roll d8 twice to find what isn't available today)
1. Root Beer, potent liquor brewed from the sap of select roots… 1sp
2. Dwarfish Black Stout, specially imported from the iron peaks… 6sp
3. Heart of Wine… 1gp
4. Spiced Hard Cider…4cp
5. Spiced Hot Cider… 2cp
6. Honeyed Wine, poor wine sweetened with honey to make it palatable…5cp
7. Berry Wine, wine brewed from berries picked outside the dungeon…8cp
8. Elfin Mead, imported from the Sylvan Halls… 5sp
9. Mint Tea… 3cp
10. Ale, plain old ale… 4cp

Patrons (2-7 rolls any given hour)

1-2 A Nervous halfling
3-4 A Curious Halfling
5-6 A Shivering Moleman
7-8 Five Rowdy Molemen
9-10 A pair of Cowering Halflings
11-12 Seedy Looking Halfling
13-14 A retired Halflign pit-fighter
15-16 A gnomish fortune-teller in faux-gypsy gard
17-18 A trio of goblins in eloquent garb
19-20 An escaped elfin princess escorted by a pair of Hobgoblins
21-22 Mangey Gnoll with missing bits of Fur
23-24 Four shifty looking Kobolds
25-26 A lone Dwarf
27-28 Seven Singing Dwarves that will just not shut up
29-30 A pair of Dwarf mercenaries looking for work
31-32 A vampire scouting the place for a fresh victim
33-34 A ubiquitous Doppleganger
35 A trio of Nuns
36-38 Four sneaky looking Goblin-men
39-40 A table full of goblins racing snails
41-42 A half- dozen orcs
43-44 A dozen orcs (at least) begin rowdy and participating in rat fights
45-46 A moody half-orc swordsman
47-48 A half-dozen goblins wearing theatrical masks
49-50 A human troubadour down on his luck
51-52 A nervous man… bound to turn into a werewolf any second now…
53 A nervous man… waiting to challenge the killer of his father
54-56 A nervous man
57-58 A half-dozen dandies here on a dare from the nearest city
59-60 A young half-orc swordsman with a chip on his shoulder
61-62 A table of dwarves and goblins playing cards together, this can't end well
63-64 A pair of trolls
65 A dwarf in full plate, a gnome wearing a lion pelt, a gnoll, a goblin in a straw hat and an adolescent girl sitting together at a table.
66-68 A trio of were-rats
69-70 An elegant lady with two large albino giant rats on leashes.
71-72 A table full of berserkers getting "fortified"
73-74 A young bard trying to find something/someone worth writing a ballad about
75-76 A down on his luck necromancer
77-78 A gang of Thieves
79-80 A trio of Doxies/Harlots
81-82 A pair of Gigolos
83-84 A slaver browsing the crowd for fresh talent
85-86 A Bounty Hunter
87-88 A Hooded Figure… a Ranger
89-90 A Hooded Figure… an Assassin
91-92 A Hooded Figure… a spy for the local darklord
93-94 A Gold Dragon traveling incognito
95-96 A Half Dozen Gnomes
97-98 A pair of Elves
99 A lone adventurer
100 An NPC party of Dungeoneers


  1. I like it! I had a tavern in my megadungeon as well, but didn't have as cool a list of drinks and food.

  2. Outstanding! i always love a giant list of inventive tavern patrons. seriously - i can't get enough. it's a growing problem :(

  3. Heh, you named an ogre after me! I'm flattered, I think...