Saturday, September 29, 2012

Illustrations on Equipment Cards?

Still pondering equipment cards. I feel their use will add an element of originality to my soon to be renewed tabletop campaign (The old one is in it's death-throws). I'm wondering if the limited space on such cards makes it worth including illustrations. I really liked the simple ones on the old Dungeon! game but those cards included little in the way of stats. I'm not shy on artistic talent but wonder if my time in game development is better spent on words than it would be spent on pictures.

What do you folks think? Pretty pictures, simple pictures, icons, or skip the art?


  1. I've been a fan of equipment cards, but haven't found a good way to implement them into the game. While I think its cool to have representation of what's in your backpack, I'm not sure you wouldn't be better served developing you campaign. Although, if you have magic/specialty items, that might be cool to have a card of with the properties listed. Or at least the ones they have discovered.

  2. I think if your gonna have cards they oughta have art. I like Tim's notion of having cards for special & magic items.

    Check this out: