Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mog, Riperia Redux, Lost River Kingdom?

I bounced a few ideas off my son for the next campaign and got as close to D&D as possible answer from him...sigh. Which led me to ask "Why Son"? to get the answer of "You know me I'm afraid of change"...

Here were the pitches:

Mog: A savage and brutal METAL sword and sorcery world in the ruins of a great civilization. Warriors, Wizards and Psychcs battling it out to forge the next age. embrace the wahoo and corny side of sword and sorcery with a little post apocalypse thrown in for flavor.

Riperia Redux: A feudal realm of knights and bandits finding adventure in border wars, tournaments, and faerie haunted woods. What I wanted in the campaign we've been playing for some time now with the power level cranked down to 5 from the 9 it's at now.

Lost river Kingdom: The King's River flows into the ground and is lost in the depths of the earth, the access to the vaults and tunnels carved by the river and an ancient dwarven kingdom are guarded by a small city of gnomes that allow miners and treasure hunters into the depths past their guarded gates.  A Mega-dungeon that is the whole campaign sort of campaign.

What do you kind reader's think of the above?


  1. Lost river Kingdom sounds interesting, but then again, I've always been a sucker for Mega-dungeons.

    And Mog sounds fun, if only because over-the-top stuff can be fun as hell. And I've been on a bit of a post-apocalyptic kick for a while.

    Riperia Redux is kinda meh for me.

  2. I like Riperia Redux but our party is composed of a bunch of guys that will run away from challenges like that

    1. I really wanted to stay and fight the Zombies but I didn't want t o be the only one because it would split the party and having one storyline to remember is already hard enough.