Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My personal gaming history has become a tiny part of other folks games.

Thanks to the SRD and my submitting monsters when folks wanted new monsters for various old school retro games a small piece of my personal gaming history has become a tiny part of other folks games.

The Gump and Leper Zombies were first written up for my D&D campaign played back in 82-83. This was an epic period of D&D youth for me. We played D&D once or twice a month on Sundays and the group included family members, co-workers of my father, and school-mates of mine. The Leper Zombie was a written up to be a considerable undead problem that was still defeat-able at low levels with limited resources.  The Gump was inspired by a mutant monster from one of the Hiero's Journey books and served as meant to be a threat between ogre and troll in power. Leper Zombies only have to be hinted at and some of my old timers still shake and groan, and Gumps get a recognition of "oh yeah, these guys".

They live on here in the S&W SRD
Leper Zombie
they could be in thw Swords & Wizardy Monstrosities book as well, I'm not sure as I haven't seen that work but it's shown as the source on the S&W SRD page.

and here for the Basic Fantasy RPG
The Basic Fantasy Field Guide to Creatures Malevolent and Benign

If anyone has ever earned a few experience points fighting one or lost a loyal henchman of player character to one I'd love to hear about it.


  1. That's awesome. There is nothing better than hearing how some party got whomped on by a monster, and then getting to think, "That's MY monster!"

    Again, congrats.


  2. JD - both are in Monstrosities, i just checked my PDF

  3. I just put the gump up on my blog with the illustration so you can see it, J.D. Link is http://swordsandwizardry.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-hideous-gump-of-jd-jarvis.html

  4. Already using the Gump (from Monstrosities) in my campaign. The illustration creeps my kids out! ;)