Saturday, June 22, 2013

Anyone Think 3D City and Town Geomprhs A Good Idea?

Curious if folks think 3d rendered geomorhps would be desirable for map making if a collection of them was avialble?

Three simple samples:

A sample image/map using the geomorph samples above:

So good idea, bad idea, you'd use it, you'd wish you could use it, you'd love it if they looked illustrated instead of 3D-rendered?


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  2. As a fan of both Geomorphs, and of Pixelart, this would be a great thing!

  3. It'd be cool, but needs to be a lot looser in terms of building placement on each geomorph; significantly less balanced and grid-like and more organic, including some natural features (for villages) and tightly clustered buildings with narrow streets for towns. Illustrations are definitely preferable to renders.