Friday, April 11, 2014

Elf rings, Ethereal Gates and other portals

Just spit-balling and sharing here. A few ideas to beef up dungeons actually.

Fairy Ring- connects one fey space with another. Any elf or fairy can walk the inner perimeter three times and the walker and everyone else inside will teleport to the linked location. It is possible for anyone to follow the last user up to as many hours as they have hitdice after the last time a fairy used the fairy circle so fairy-folk don’t use them too frequently and will have both linked rings remote and secluded/secured.

Hurdle Hollow- a fairy place often erroneously called “faerie”. A hurdle hollow will appear to be a secluded place surrounded by hills or mountains and fey princes are known to build palaces in in these hidden dales. No one can leave a hurdle hollow by ordinary means principally a Fairy Ring is required but if bwg gain access to a hurdle hollow they will fashion goblin doors in remote corners on the edge of the hollow. Ethereal travel is only possible at the edge of a hollow and it is very dangerous as one can get lost very easily as hurdle hollows do not easily connect to anywhere else. If all the fairy rings are destroyed within a hurdle hollow the fairies and all else within will be trapped for 101 years. Teleportation will allow one to travel within a hurdle hollow but not to leave it.

Goblin Door- magical doors only visible to fairies and bwgs. A goblin door may connect two seemingly remote places, allow access to a goblin grotto or simply work like an ordinary doorway (that vanishes if the door is broken). Fey and bwg have a 4 in 6 chance of spotting a concealed goblin door, these are the “secret” doors elves are famed for finding. A knock spell cast on a 10’ run of wall containg an unseen goblin door will reveal the presence of the door to any mortal for as many full turns as the casters level, a second knock spell would be needed to open the door. Goblin doors are not invisible so magic that detects/reveals invisibility will not aid one in finding goblin door. Soemoneelse had an excellent post or two on goblin doors a couple years ago, if I find it I'll link it.

Goblin Grotto- a hidden pocket realm/dimension usually a cavernous space. A goblin grotto can only be accessed by goblin doors. Ethereal travel within a goblin door will only allow one to move about in an ethereal state within the grotto. Air will never run out in a goblin grotto and if there are environmental changes they will be linked to magical phenomena or be very slow and gradual. A goblin grotto may seem a great place to hide out but it is very unsafe as many a bwg can open a goblin door into a goblin grotto. Attempting to leave a Goblin Grotto by teleport is typically lethal having a 66% chance of entombing the would be teleporter in stone somewhere else.  The ability to dimension door inside a goblin grotto will allow one to exit the grotto near s goblin door they entered the grotto from but not to return (except by the door).

Ethereal Gate- connects a mundane location with an ethereal location. There must be a “waiting room” between two physical locations to travel between two mundane locations unless one is able to freely travel in the ethereal plane.

Ethereal Stair- appears to be a stair case to nowhere but each has a certain number of stairs that may be walked upon to travel to an ethereal space or link remote locations linked by very lengthy runs of ethereal stair. Attempting to teleport from an Ethereal Stair is lethal as 99% of the time the would be teleporter and all their gear dissipate into ethereal vapor and dimension door and other similar magics will only access a different step on the stair.

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