Monday, August 4, 2014

50 inexpensive pieces of jewelry

1.      Simple Cast Bronze Horse Amulet
2.      Simple Cast Bronze Ram Charm
3.      Simple Cast Bronze Goat Pendant
4.      Bronze Ox Charm
5.      Lapis Lazuli Earrings, one pair hand drilled polished cubes on gold wire
6.      Bronze Statuette of the undying god
7.      Lapis Lazuli Scarab Ring
8.      Lapis Lazuli Scarab Pendant
9.      Bronze pendant of goddess of war on necklace of tubular faience beads
10.   Turquoise fertility charm on necklace of faience disk and tube beads
11.   Turquoise Axe charm on necklace of tubular bone beads
12.   Fluted glass vial
13.   Iridescent green glass bottle
14.   Ribbed glass bottle
15.   Simple clay oil lamp
16.   Decorated clay oil lamp
17.   Elaborate clay oil lamp
18.   Elaborate silver ring set with seven stones, red jasper in center surrounded by 4 lapis lazuli and 2 turquoise stones
19.   Ring of low quality silver and simple decoration with large red jasper cabochon
20.   Simple but well-made bronze ring set with polished amber stone
21.   Bronze ring with floral pattern with center set amethyst
22.   Decorated Bronze ring, faux stones of bronze
23.   Carnelian stone set in thin bronze ring
24.   Small simple bronze signet ring of military order
25.   Small elaborate bronze signet ring of military order
26.   Ancient Gold Coin set in silver ring
27.   Faceted carnelian earrings on silver fittings
28.   Quarts Pendant on silver chain
29.   Center cut carnelian pendant on braided gold wire necklace
30.   Center cut carnelian pendant on necklace with disk- faience
31.   Simple center cut agate pendant on silver chain
32.   Silver starburst ring with carnelian stone
33.   Bronze starburst ring with amber stone
34.   Gold starburst ring with carnelian stone
35.   Elaborate faux-bell and jar earrings, low mix silver alloy each set with a tiny chip of ruby
36.   Ornate silver ring with crown-shaped bezel.
37.   Silver ring of with carnelian stone surrounded by bezel of alternating skulls and skeletal hands
38.   Elaborate bronze filigree ring set with tiny rubies
39.   Large knotted faience pendant on silver chain
40.   Pendant of large silver coin hanging from necklace of alternating tubes of turquoise and faience
41.   Silver coin earrings on silver fittings, three small lapis stones hang suspended from each coin on fine silver wire
42.   Large hammered brass bossed cloak clasp
43.   Cloak clasp of silver skull set with carnelian eyes
44.   Earrings of tiny ancient gold coins set on gold fittings.
45.   Simple bronze wire bracelet
46.   Thin hammer silver armband with turquoise centerpiece
47.   Elaborate cast bronze armband with equestrian motif
48.   Silver torc with fine floral details
49.   Bronze braided torc with serpent heads
50.   Fine buffer-style bronze torc

the title of the post explains most of the above, the values for these items should be on the low end and mostly used to decorate NPCs or turn a handful of boring coins into a bit of jewelry (or utensil) when determining valuables individuals may be carrying/wearing.

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  1. Cool, I always appreciate these 'color' lists for stocking.