Friday, September 26, 2014

Animals Eaten

I noticed a post outof the web talkign about duck and lamb as if they were unusual meats and I got wondering about the diets of folks playinngn games and how that impacts the diets of game worlds.

Here's a listing of animals I have eaten (or at least portions of):

Cow, Chicken, Pig (and boar), Lamb (and Mutton),
Game Hen, Pigeon, Duck, Turkey, Goose
Oytsers, Clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, crayfish, crabs, lobsters, snails
Countless Varieties of Fish (including shark and eel)
Octopus and Squid
Venison,Buffalo,Llama,Caribou,Moose, Goat
Squirrel, Rabbit, Bear
Ostrich,Emu,Nutrea (water rats, taste like squirrel meets rabbit)
I have tasted Ants, Earth Worms, Crickets as part of a foods in nature course but never had a whole meal of bugs.

How about you?


  1. Delete caribou, squirrel, bear, and Ants, Earth Worms, and Crickets.

    Add goose, sparrow, ostrich, elk, reindeer, and rattlesnake, I’ve eaten some bugs and bug parts, but never intentionally so I don't count those. If you eat cereal you’ve eaten some bug parts too.

  2. I'd forgotten Goose (and turkey somehow).
    Are reindeer and caribou the same critter with different names?

  3. I don't let my personal diet affect my game world. I just try to base the meals in my game world based on what animals I think live in the area.

    I grew up in the hills of southern rural Ohio, so I didn't have a lot of this until I was older. As for what meats I've eaten (or at least portions of)

    cow, pig, lamb,
    chicken, duck, turkey (domesticated and wild)
    venison, buffalo
    squirrel (though I've not had it years, I love squirrel gravy), rabbit
    oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, crayfish, crabs, lobsters
    ants, crickets (as snack foods)

  4. Replies
    1. I went frogging a few times as a kid. Fresh frog legs are yummy, a light coating of flour with salt and black pepper and bake-em wrapped in foil.

  5. Oh wow. How could I forget turkey as well. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

    Wiki says caribou and reindeer are the same species.

    I forgot to add pigeon to the list of foul fowl I've eaten.

  6. Let's see, most of the above. A few additional items: pronghorn antelope, water buffalo, 'bush rat' (Panama), missed out on cuy in Peru,though.

    That said, for world building, we can use these items to inform what the PCs may find at the inn or hunt for in the wilderness. What is the climate/geography? Might there be religious/ethnic proscribed foods? Are you poaching in the king's forest? :) and of course, what out of the monster manual might sorta taste like chicken? Does hacked up shreiker make a decent Fettuccini al fungi?

  7. I was in Seoul a few years ago working with ROK army officers. They took us to a huge seafood buffet and managed to get me isolated from my American team. As I was eating, they kept handing me weirder and weirder things to eat. Knowing they were messing with me, I ate everything they put in front of me. Finally, they quit and admitted they were messing with me and that even they wouldn't eat some of the stuff they gave me. The worst, by far, was fermented skate (basically hunks of cartilage left to rot underground for a few weeks) - it did not taste bad, but it tasted WRONG. (otherwise, most everything listed above at one time or another, except Nutrea, I think)

  8. Most of the animals I regularly eat have been mentioned already, but I regularly eat reindeer, lamb/mutton, hare and whale. all of these are easily obtainable in my local stores, and are a sensible use of local resources. Except for hare though. Occasionally I have grouse, pigeon, seagull (wild, not urban) and cormorant. I hope to taste wolf, wolverine, eagle or lynx this or next year, as I am getting a license to hunt these animals in my native county this winter. I won't hold my breath though.

    1. Most folks I know who have eaten predator meat have not claimed it was a taste treat. Bear is likely as palatable as it is because of its omnivorous nature. Never heard anything good about cormorants or gulls from any quarter.