Sunday, March 1, 2015

[REAL LIFE] Had a nasty fall

I had a nasty fall on my night job over a week ago, it hurt like hell but I kept working.  I gave my supervisor a drive home and drove home myself. I pulled the car into my driveway and climbed out of the car, the pain amplified insanely. I hobbled up the stairs and needed my wife's help to get my work-shoes off and a crawled up the stair and lied down in bed: and the pain shot through the roof when I tried to lay down I  started shaking and felt like I was going to the the E.R. we went.

It turns out I have a compression fracture in on of my lumbar bones. Still waiting on a visit with a specialist and an MRI to see if anything is worse. I heal quickly so I'm already a little better but standing for over a couple minutes is ridiculously fatiguing, it is uncomfortable to sit for long and the pain mixed with meds makes it hard to concentrate (which makes my day job in front of a computer almost impossible).

Visiting specialist tomorrow, and physical therapy on wednesday unless the specialist says "no that would be bad". Not sure when I'll be able to get back to day job or night job.

The whole stupid thing is eating into my game playing  and blogging of course, had to cancel the last session of the game I DM. My blogging already suffering from change in job schedules has suffered more becasue of the injury. I'm not gone and I can't even say I'm not going to post more soon (the wife's tablet might allow more frequent posting). So not gone, not saying goodbye just another reason for less posting than I would like.  I do have a notebook that gets my drug and fatigue fueled scribbled into it now and again, hopefully I'll get a few good posts out of that.


  1. YES, YES
    see the specialist and get an MRI

    Yoga actually works better than medical Tx for treating chronic back pain,
    British NHS Jan 2014 , Univ of WA study with 101 Subjects Oct 2014

    With the exception of sciatica or spinal stenosis surgery is seldom beneficial . .

    Neither is their consist improvement with TENs units, Neurology , 30 Dec 2009

    Epidural Steroids have no benefit with Spinal Stenosis , 3 July 2014 NEJM

  2. Dude.... All the good karma, positive energy, and hopes for healing that I can muster are headed your way. Get well soon.

  3. (Me from my phone) thanks all, dr visit was informative. But still waiting oMRI to see what really needs to get done, 1st therapy needs to get bumped becasue DR has to decide what needs to be done after seeing the MRI. The pain is of course no fun but the inability to concentrate (drugs and pain)and the extreme fatigue I get from really minor activity is a huge annoyance.

  4. That sounds really awful, you have my sympathy. Having had an injury to my shoulder last year I can certainly understand the difficulty of getting your head round doing things while in pain and/or on painkillers. I found it very difficult to concentrate for a couple of months and though the painkillers removed the sensation, they also span my head out (I started referring to it as 'sparklefuzz'). And the pain is indeed exhausting.

    I wish you all the best for a full recovery.