Friday, April 24, 2015

The Dragonwrack

I’ve seen many a player and GM of assorted Old School games say they have never faced a dragon or made use of them in a campaign, this is simply unreasonable. The reasons given are many and it often boils down to two things classical dragons do not fit the setting begin used or dragons are put on a power scale far beyond the reach of all but the most veteran and experienced heroes. Dragonwrack is begin presented as a means to both have dragons fit in a campaign setting and produce a recast dragons with a range of capabilities that gives them a wide breadth of use within a campaign from the ultimate threat that may be the ruin f nations and the mightiest of heroes down unto the lowly menace that clever and daring neophytes may best.

The Regions of The Dragonwrack

There are five regions within the same overall setting to provide a host of adventures in a world that hosts dragons as an ever present threat and challenge to be used and abused as player and GM

Wastes of The Crimson Hive: A great realm overrun by a Dragon Queen and the nests of her subjects. She keeps greta herds of hr-men, is mistress to a city of quislings, and is privy to magics and crafts unknown elsewhere in the world.

Borean Marches and The Wurmme Ritters: A forested land of petty feudal states with byzantine alliances in unending conflict with mannish and draconic  threats, where can also be found the Wurmme Ritters :elite warriors that dominate the battlefield mounted upon a dragon.

The Forest of Pillars and the Ashen Erg: The energies released during the rise of the dragons consumed andtrnasformed the fertile earth, The Forest of Pillar was a great woodland frozen forever in stone and the Ashen Erg was a verdant savanna raised and burnt year after year leaving nothing but bitter stinign ashes.  Here (tapping energies from long ago) one can find a host of wizards, the most famous the life shaping vivimancers that bring form to the ur-men. Beyond the forest of pillars in the ashen wastes are ruins of past ages picked over by scavengers a nomads that wander from oasis to oasis.

Jungles of Gonthor and The Hidden States: Here dragons and pockets of humanity battle each other and a host of jungle beasts. Lost cities of people thinking themselves to be the last remnants of humanity come into contact with hapless adventurers and the war parties of unknown peoples. The jungles are populated by B-movie dinosaurs aplenty to battle man and dragon alike.

Fair Althion and the Serpent Isles: Althion is a land where humanity reign above dragon kind. Breeds of dragon not yet known in the world beyond serve the lords of the five kingdoms. Despite their power the kingdoms are ever under threat of pirates and the inhuman octons that dwell on, in, and beneath the waters of the serpent Isles. Great wealth lies to those that dare travel beyond Althion to the other realms of the Dragonwrack.


While the basic nature of  chromatic dragons may be well know to many an old-school game player Dragonwrack takes them and makes them something else. While there are indeed fearsome and dangerous solitary dragons scattered about the regions of the setting the greatest danger dragons present is in their great hive-nests where dragon queens rule over sometimes vast broods of offspring shaped by birth and dragon-craft to serve the nest.

An encounter with a small dragon may indeed be a chance encounter with a pathetic hungry embodiment of greed but it could also be with a scout from a vast hive-nest hungry for the all the flesh and fodder in the land.


I hope to get a number of posts out of this idea, maybe compile a pdf. I have touched upon the concept of  “Dragonwrack” a few times in the past with a couple posts in the past but the concept has come together into the idea(s) I’m sharing now  and in the future.
Next installment will be more about the Dragons of The Dragonwrack.

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