Sunday, August 30, 2015

Solar System of the 78th Aeon

Some of the  11 planets of the 78th Aeon solar system.

Charon- constructed to replace ancient Mercury and Venus as the mass was deemed necessary to allow for safe use of Interregnum hyper-drives.

Earth and Luna- Ancient texts speaking of Telluria refer to Earth and Luna together. Modern Luna retains a thin but life supporting atmosphere thanks to gravity supplied by Telluric Engines and was re-positioned to about half again as far from Earth as it was during the first three eras of space exploration. The prime polity of the solar system (The Telluric Throne of Earth & Mars) claims Luna as it's Throne-world.

Mars- While it managed to evolve it's own delicate lifeforms it was deemed necessary to Terraform the planet in the 3rd Aeon as it would have surely been lifeless again in but a couple Aeons were it not for ancient Tellurian engineering.

Saturn and Titan- Saturn had it's rings harvested in the distant past and all references to this lost marvel are decidedly archaic. Life evolved on Titan to go extinct in absence of sentient interference but life was restored but is now feared to have gone extinct again despite the historic significance of Titan being humanities only refuge during the 17th Aeon.

Pluto- Yes my dear reader Pluto is a planet and deservedly so as it is the fourth body in the solar system to independently evolve a native biology.

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