Wednesday, March 2, 2016

All the Myriad Worlds

I've had a creative surge after a substantial period of personal funk it's one part creative glee and another near-senior onset gamer attention deficit disorder. The Elemental Nethers post form Monday grew out of some work on a project to have more magical equipment for the right type of settingso while working on Lamps Efts and Banner Shrikes the Elemental Nethers came to be.

I've been wanting to do something like The Fetid Wilds forever and decided to scale it down a little so I can actually get it done and more worlds or ruin are percolating as a result. I've got the simian savanna encounter and treasure tables from many posts back they surely need a settign to go along with them (and a Simian Bestiary).

 I've also got this other project in my head that will be showing up in bits an pieces before it's published based on the notion that a Zombie apocalypse while fun is something lots of people have explored before but, what if Ogrism was contagious how would an "Ogre Apocalypse" play out?  So I've got a county-sized (or larger) territory fallen to ogres spilling into a neighboring territory or maybe the last remnants of civilization hanging on as the ogres come smashing everything down to get at the juicy bits and shinnies behind the walls. I've got a variety of ogres I'm cooking up to keep this fresh, no way just one or two breeds of the brutes could carry beyond a couple adventures.

So there you go just a hint of all the worlds dancing about in my head.

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