Friday, May 6, 2016


Spiketooths are odd mutations of felines larger than a normal tiger with curved fangs. Should they hit with both fore claws against a single foe, they can  rake with their rear claws allowing them 2 additional attacks. Large creatures attempting to bite or claw them must attack at -2 or suffer 2d4 points of damage from their spikes. If surrounded a spiketooth will bash against all creatures surrounding it who mush make a save or be impaled on spikes for 2d4 points of damage.

Spiketooth: HD 7; AC 5[14]; Atk 2 claws (1d4+1), 1 bite (2d6); Move 12 (Swim 6); Save 10; AL N; CL/XP 9/1,100; Special: Rear claws and Spikes.


The spiketooths pictured above are from a modified D&D miniature I downloaded from shapeways and fiddled about with. Here's a link to the original 3D miniature model:

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