Sunday, July 10, 2016

Gaming with Son!

This past Friday my youngest and I engaged in a fierce and brutal conflict on the hard wooden floor with the classic game Battle Masters. It was his first time playing the game and likely not to be the last.

Picked up Battle Masters about 24 years ago...  that's 3 years before my first son came into the world.

The battle shortly into the fray. My son is advancing his foul forces of chaos against my righteous defenders of the empire.

In the heat of battle, my son asked "why do you have to take a picture while I'm dying" as he placed a skull token on the base of a unit of wolf riders after they were peppered with arrows by my archers atop the tower. My imperial knights are smashing into the center of the chaos horde while his chaos warriors march down the river towards my cannon (this will be their doom in a few turns).
The battle is drawing to a close as the forces of chaos have but a few bands on the field having been swept aside by the might imperial knights; across the river the mighty cannon has broken the will of the chaos warriors as well (not pictured) despite losing the archers screening it against assault.  Dad and the Imperial Army were victorious.

We played with a bit of house rules to keep my son from getting lost in details and having to deal with me using more than luck. The only terrain we paid attention to was the river and it's fords along with the castle. We kept the ogre simpler than it is even in the rulebook, but the big fella didn't get much use. We also split the main deck into halves one for the empire and one for chaos and we alternated turns as I've learned years ago it can be both frustrating and boring waiting to take a maneuver your forces under the regular rules, I like the card based move this unit now but it works better alternating card draw of a deck for each army.

My son was impressed by how much stuff there is in the game, wait till he gets a chance to use all the rules and maybe even "campaign" play.

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  1. Love to hear stories about parents gaming with their kids. I tried to teach my daughter "Thundarr and Dragons" a few months ago, but I think we're still a few years out from anything beyond me just narrating.