Monday, November 14, 2016

Solider Aper Paper mini-concept

As a related part of the Simian Savanna I want to make some paper miniatures for the various sorts of apes and mutants. I'd like to produce a few pdfs of the paper minis and offer them for sale (inexpensive or PWYW) on drivethruRPG but i'm not too sure about the trade dress issues.  The sample fellow here is pretty classical and maybe the straight classical look will be freebies distributed differently from the main line.  I imagine soldier apes dressed a bit more like Napoleon wars era might give it a unique and tradedress free look. 

For now the classical gorilla soldier:

Click for full size which is 150 DPI and would be about 2 inches tall if printed at 100%.  
Good idea, bad idea?  Want to see the Napoleonic look or is that bonkers? Maybe WW2 style?

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