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Gygants (a Xorish PC class)


Gygants are a class of men that have learned how to draw in the might of Xor to work great deeds and to gain great stature. Gygants may eventually reach titanic portions with experience.
Gygants fight as save as of normal Fighters and their equipment restrictions and use are the same as well. After 1st level a Gygant must pay 20% extra per level for clothing and armor to gain any real use of either.

All Gygants have the following special abilities and hindrances:

Growth : Gygants are growing as they gain experience. gaining a foot in height each level. Equipment that isn’t specially made Xorganic or Magical equipment doesn’t grown with the Gygant.
Gygants gains 1 point of Strength each odd level (including 1st). This may be limited by the rules the GM is using in the campaign to 1 short of the highest possible Strength allowed if such a limit exists in the game. (i.e. if the rules top out at 25 the Gygant can’t go above 24).

Gygantic Rage: The first time a Gygant is wounded in any one combat or if a blow should reduce it to less than 1/2 it’s normal HP total there is a chance it goes Berserk. A Berserk Gygant adds it’s level to damage and attack rolls while berserk but also loses the same amount from Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma (if any of those drop to 0 the Gygant is lost in a rampaging fit for 2-5 hours and not playable as a PC during that time as it randomly attacks all about it).

Gygantic Hunger: some special abilities cause a gygant's  hunger exceeds it’s level it is -2 to to hit and save, any damage rolls made will inflict but 1/2 damage. A tyrant must gorge itself to remove hunger and must eat an entire meal to reduce hunger by 1 point. If hunger somehow exceeds twice a Gygant’s level the Gygant will go into a food-oriented Gygantic Rage until it eats 3 meals per level. It takes 5 minutes per meal for a Gygant to gorge itself.

Gygant Deeds. 
Gygants size and odd relation to Xor allow them to learn a variety of special techniques to enhance their might. Every even level (2nd, 4th…) a Gygant may learn a new deed. these special abilities are tied to their might and reaction to Xor. Several marked by a * may not be used at all away from Xor.

Splinter Shield: A Gygant may target a shield and on a successful strike a Gygant delivers a crushing blow to a shield and will destroy it if the target fails a save.  Magical shields may only be splintered by this attack if the Gygant’s level is at least 3 times the shield bonus (so 3rd level for +1 shields 6th level for +2 and so on)

Runt Punt:  This deed allows a Gygant to kick a smaller foe 10’ per level of Gygant on a successful attack roll. The foe may be no taller than 1/2 the Gygants height.  Foes 3 levels or lower get no save vs this attack and are hurled away by the kick, those of higher levels get a saving throw (Strength bonuses and bonuses for unusual mass are allowed). This kick causes 1d4+Gygant’s level in damage (no strength bonus) on a successful attack roll regardless of a failed or successful save.

Bellow: A Gygant enraged is fierce indeed and all foes faced by a tyrant within 30’ while a Gygant bellows must save or check on the chart Bellowinf Gygant’s chart for results. If the total HD of a group exceeds the Gygants level by 3 times (or better) they are +4 to their save. If a group is lead by a leader that is present with 5 or more HD level than th eGygant they also receive an additional +4 to the saving throw. If a Gygant Bellows more than once a day it gains a point of Gygantic Hunger.

2d6+Gygant’s Level
Foes HD/Level
5 or less
6 to 10
11 or more
under 1
2 or 3
4 to 7
chart explanations:
  Forlorn: oops, that didn’t work out so well for the Gygant the foe now certain they shall die in the fight is resolute and unyielding going a +2 to hit and saves vs the Gygant’s special abilities until the end of the fight.

  Shaken: The target is disturbed and -2 to hit the Gygant until an ally harms it.
Demoralized:  -2 to all saves and attack rolls until the fight is over.

  Retreat: -3 to all saves and attack rolls unless the victim can get 300 feet or further from the Gygant or not be threatened by the brute for 3 consecutive rounds.

  Panicked: -4 to hit and all saves until there is at least 1000’ (or 2 dungeon levels) between the victim and the Gygant.

Skin Like Stone: The Gygant’s skin harness improving it’s AC by 1 point. This may be selected multiple times to increase the bonus to AC if the Gygant so wishes as levels are gained.

Long Stride:  Not all Gygants gain an advantage in speed due to their long legs but those that learn to move their blue do. Moving one increment quicker (This will carry with rules used to be either 30’ a turn, 10’ a round, or 3”). This can be taken multiple times to increase speed even more.

Might of Xor*:  The Gygant draws into itself the very might of Xor. For the next 5 rounds the Gygant is +4 to all Strength related tasks including to hit in combat. A damage bonus is gained equal to 1d6 per 3 level or fraction thereof. This ability inflicts 2 points of Gygantic Hunger each time it is used.

Vigor of Xor*: Similar to drawing upon the might of Xor the Gygant draws into itself the essence of Xor and regenerated 1d6 HP per level.  Each use of this inflicts 3 points of Gygantic Hunger.

Wisdom of Xor*: A Gygant must be still and concentrate for 3 rounds to draw upon the Wisdom of Xor.  For  the next 10 minutes per level the Gygant can make two rolls to check against being surprised or to save vs delusional magic/psionics. Each use of this ability inflicts 2 points of Gygantic Hunger.

Stomp!:  A Gygant stomps it’s mighty foot down and all of lower level than the Gygant  within 20’ must make a save or they are knocked down. This ability only works on those within 10’ if the Gygant and victims are not on a Xorish surface.

Cerebral Repast: If a Gygant devours the brain of a spell caster it gains a single casting of one random spell or psionic power known to the caster at the moment of death. The Gygant can retain up to it’s level in spells and powers at any one time. When the spell/power is used the Gygant suffers a point of hunger.

Bake Bone Bread:  If a Gygant takes the time to collect and grind the bones of a foe it has slain and grinds that been into a meal the special “stone bread” it fashions may be consumed to regain 1d8 HP per level/HD of the foe used in the bread. A Gygant gains no special benefit from eating a loaf of Bone Bread made by another Gygant. A Gygant can not stockpile this Bone bread as the magic only applies to the most recently made loaf. It takes 6 hours to prepare and bake the load of Bone Bread.

Tattooed Guardian*:  A Gygant with this power must be specially tattooed to make use of it. the tattoo must be of a guardian in some form. When so invoked the guardian will be of one HD less than the Gyants level and will fight for or guard the gygant for an hour. The Gygant  is damaged for 1/2 the HP the guardian has (rolled each time is invoked) and suffers 3 points of hunger.

When a GM allows a player to use a Gygant as a PC they should be careful in tracking Gygantic Hunger and chances of Gygantic Rage as these are major impacts on the utility of the character class.
Gygants can be of any alignment technically some of their deeds may not be allowed to lawful or good characters and while generally meant for Humans as the character race there is no real reason any race couldn't really learn the secrets to become a Gygant but somehting like a Pixie or Halfling Gygant probably shouldn't happen.

Remember as a Gygant grows it's equipment does not. This will causes expense and annoyance to the player over time but this is again another limitation built into the class.

Gygant's away from Xor will be slightly limited and strange. It is recommended to consider them to have 1 less point of Charisma per level when away from Xor.

I was preparing a random encounter table for Xor and realized I had a few outlines in my notes for Xorish Character classes. The Gygant is one of them (and the best defined).

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