Sunday, May 6, 2018

Hello, back at the old blog

Hello everyone.  After an absence I'm going to be back to game related posts here on this good old blog.  I'm starting up a campaign with way too many houserules that I'll be sharing here.  A lot of the old posts will of course still be part of the body that makes things what they are.  The "Undercity of Mog" is getting moved to a new world and renamed the ever so different "Undercity of Maug" for vague linguistic reasons no one is ever going to care about. Still going to be a mash-up of oldschool meets d20 so there should still be posts that appeal to a number of readers. I also hope to get more illustrations and maps up here on the blog.  So thanks for reading this and yes indeed there is more to come.


  1. Great news! Have always enjoyed your posts as inspiration, food for thought, and just fun reading. Really glad to hear you are back in the saddle again.