Monday, August 13, 2018

Terse Ogres

A brief collection of fearsome brutes .

Lurk- They seem too large to hide so well but next thing you know there they are.

Slather- Huge rude gaping maws with immense rude rasping tongues that they use to lick the clothing and the flesh from their victims.

Lank- Tall and thin. Their gaunt features almost conceal their horribly sinewy strength.

Gong Throttle- They flail about with immense hands until both grasp a hapless victim by the neck. This skin turns to iron while they themselves are immobilized with delight as they choke the life from their latest victim.

Goom- Gibbering, chortling, and drooling do little to conceal their appetites.

Gump- Their impossible gaze locks men where they stand to be crushed or gutted.

Snap Gorge- Keep your hand and feet and everything else away from this brute as he shovels everything into his mouth.

Red Anne- Screaming and sputtering in blood-stained finery and a wicked blade.

Molly Mugs- A weeping maiden that will crush to death any that dare her embrace.

Thanks to Throne of Salt and Monsters and Manuals for inspiring me. Need stats? Use an Ogre, troll, or giant from your favorite set of rules.


  1. I like these. I think there's a lot to be said for the approach of just having a set of generic "small monster", "human-sized monster", and "large monster" stats, and customizing them as needed with a line of evocative text suggesting a special power and/or weakness.

    1. I like briefer descriptions becasue it allows me to fit the monster into my campaign over having to bend the campaign to fit the monster in.