Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A desperate Tuesday night.

 Due to scheduling hell my Monday night game didn't happen until Tuesday and only my youngest child was able to play.

Lastnight we had these two hardy adventurers going it on their own.

Thorn a Petty Dwarf Mage. 1st level.

Cobalt a Human Burglar.  1st level.

 It was a simple training adventure for my son and his two characters as hackneyed but fun "I'm having trouble with some rats in the basement" adventure. Boy oh boy were those rats troublesome.

After poking about the Inn basement for a while the two adventures eventually pounced on 3 big rats and a comedy of errors ensued resulting in a doused torch, a broken dagger and a damage wooden baton. One of the rates escaped into a whole in a tun barrel and the pair of adventurers discovered there was a tunnel they could crawl through back behind the huge barrel.

The pair climbed into the tunnel with the petty dwarf mage taking the lead (because he fit better). After quite the long crawl they came upon a chamber with 9 big rats gnawing away at some wretched refuse and oblivious to the adventurers. A sleep spell was attempted and bungles alerting the rats to the intruders presence so they fled with rats in pursuit. there was a desperate struggle as the mage lost most of his hit points and and a fair portion of one of his shoes.

After resting the night the pair descended back into the tunnel and successfully dealt with the swarm of rats and fetched their tails and discovered two other tunnels leading deeper away underground  but dared not risk it with just the two of them and returned the tails for the bounty offered by the inn keeper.

All told the pair of 1st level adventurers defeated 12 giant rats in 3 separate encounters and received 22 copper pennies total for their efforts. 


This was a hard one on my son because while it was conceptually simple he was still a little lost in all the rules options, and the challenge of bad decisions and bad dice rolls killing his characters. I pointed out the only way to really lose is to not play at all. But he has discovered a way into a larger dungeon complex and future opportunity for adventure.

He still as to learn he can get more out of me and expand on options by being inquisitive and creative by asking questions and looking in corners I might not have thought of or detailed for him yet.


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