Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Howdy, long time no post.

 Well that was a "fun" and eventful winter following an insane summer. New computers, new job, new gaming ! New posting to follow.

Working on multiple gaming projects including a fill in your own hex-crawl pdf form book. 

Each page will feature a shot of the hex from the editable map (the hex graphic is editable from the main map or on it's entry page). a Quick encounter listing box , a longer entry box, and a list for encounters, price lists, or whatever the user desires. The arrows circling the hex allow for navigation from hex to hex without returning to the main map item. That little X in the box gets the user back to the main map as well. Not done yet but it's moving along. This will be an inexpensive commercial release because trust me... you probably don't want to spend the time developing this yourself and will have more fun packing in gaming details for a campaign.

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