Tuesday, June 28, 2022

More nasty Mushrooms

 I admit it , I love myself some random tables and random generators. Here's 20 more fantasy fungus for your fantasy campaigns:

1 .     A grey quivering mass surrounded by a ring of tiny fanned cyan toadstools, these are a vital components in the production of orcish fire.

 2 .     A riot of curled fungus.

 3 .     Tiny gold crowned mushrooms; if disturbed by Humans it will emit a stench that repels all nearby, any Orcs foolish enough to eat these are transformed into a ochre jelly in about 3 minutes.

 4 .     A pulsating lapis mass ringed with green spikes.

 5 .     Tight pink cluster branching out to many indigo ridged bulbous caps.

 6 .     Oozing blue broad moss fungus, will transform into green slime if eaten (usually very lethal and a surprise to others).

 7 .     Violet carpet with indigo frilled cap; if disturbed by Elves it will emit a stench that repels all nearby.

 8 .     Ochre petal with lavender wide cap; Mammals are repelled by this fungus.

 9 .     Long beige stems with pad caps; Herbivores find them delicious when dried, cause apoplexy when eaten.

 10 .    A red fingers constantly sheds a miasma of white spores, causes crippling pain if eaten.

 11 .    Beige mushroom with rose pointy cap, elves use these to mark magical nexus points.

 12 .    Tangled veiny black moss with lurid blue caps; this fungus will turn invisible if disturbed by sound.

 13 .    Black mushroom with purple cup cap.

 14 .    Pink sponge with brass umbrella cap, if eaten the waste produced will be black pudding roughly half the time.

 15 .    This narrow lantern apricot fungus will glow if natural light is brought near it.

 16 .    Dense charcoal cluster branching out to many purple crinkly petal caps, produce a paralytic poison if eaten.

 17 .    Packed ivory cluster branching out to many ear-like warty caps, extremely poisonous if eaten.

 18 .    Black fluted toadstool shoot out brass nodules that split into spores; this fungus will explode into a cloud of spores if disturbed, cause hallucinations if eaten.

 19 .    A giant ant writhes here covered in a lavender brain-like fungus, cause muscle spasms if eaten.

 20 .    Black coral with yellow ridged cap, this fungus is infested with carrion crawler eggs that will grow in the victim's intestines and burst out in 2-7 days if eaten.

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