Sunday, August 7, 2022

Post-Apocalyptic Packaged Foodshop Finds

 1d100 Packaged Food Finds for Post-apocalyptic scavengers

 1. Greasy "Green Plate" Mussel Broth, Super-sized Bowl

  2. Squished Natural-style Cheez Steak, Super Portion Tub "Corporate Recomended"

  3. Swollen "Value Valley" Krilla Muffin, Snack Size Bottle "Robot Award Winning"

  4. Squished "Amalgamated Food Multinational Cubboard" Artifical Fruity Cubes, Banquet Portioned Pouch

  5. Moldy "WorldCo Banquet" Mackrel Chili, Economy Portion Tube "Bachelor Inspected"

  6. Mangled "Market Hearth" Vegamax Sausage, Meal-sized

  7. Loose "Shoppers Plate" Low Sodium Berry Steak, Banquet Size Bag "Paternal Unit Authorized"

  8. Dry "Pharma-Grill" Tatter Stew Tin "Teen Inspected"

  9. Stale "Shoppers Family" Chucken Borritos, Lunch Portioned Cup "Corporate's Favorite"

 10. Dented "Amalgamated Food Multinational Bakery" Artifical Crob Pie, Sharing-sized Box "Robot Authorized"

 11. "Quik-Range" Naturally Flavored Krilla Pockets, Lunch Portioned Bottle

 12. Mangled "Value Cubboard" New Flavor Krilla Stew, Banquet Portioned Cup

 13. Dry "Quik-Cook" Loobster, Meal-sized Jar

 14. Mangled Chucken Spread, Dinner Size

 15. Opened "PriceRite Platter" Fruity Butter Carton

 16. Natural-style Fruity Drink, Super Size Tube

 17. Mangled "Valu-Banquet" Nilla Tubes "Government Approved"

 18. "Holiday Ranch" Loobster Flakes, Maxi-sized

 19. Runny Vega Chili, Lunch Size

 20. Dented Fresh Packed Chucken Pie, Super-sized Bottle "Teen Authorized"

 21. Rotten "Shoppers Basket" Krilla Water Tin "Dad Inspected"

 22. Greasy "Holiday Feast" Lamb Sausage Tube "Auntie Recomended"

 23. Stale "Home Buffet" Choco Muffin, Maxi Size Tub

 24. Rotten Chucken Cake, Economy Size Bottle

 25. "WorldCo Ribbon" Shelf Stable Tatter Powder, Economy-sized Bag "Dad Certified"

 26. Crumbling "Quik-Meal" Vegamax, Snack-sized

 27. "Holiday Meal" Mackrel Cubes, Break Size Tub "Government Authorized"

 28. "FoodCo River" Diet Fush Paste, Super Portion Carton

 29. Dented "PriceRite Plate" Chicken Tubes Bowl "Auntie Award Winning"

 30. Loose Turkey Carton

 31. Loose "Healthy Prize" Fush Tubes, Large Portion Bowl

 32. Loose "Country Farm" Lomb, Sharing Portioned Jar "Clone Recomended"

 33. Crumbling "Green Spoon" Low Sodium Lamb Muffin Bottle "Government Award Winning"

 34. Greasy "Valu-Chef" Natural-style Tatter Steak, Break Portion Pouch "Bachelor Inspected"

 35. "Hearty Chef" Oat Loaf Box "Grandma Authorized"

 36. "Amalgamated Food Multinational Castle" Berry Curry, Fun Portion Carton

 37. Stale "Quik-Grill" Saftey-Sealed Loobster, Family Portion

 38. "Home Valley" Shelf Stable Wheati Stew Tub

 39. New Flavor Krilla Dumplings Pouch

 40. Rotten "Home Mother" Saftey-Sealed Lomb Stew

 41. Runny Naturally Flavored Chom Jelly, Squad-sized Bottle

 42. Loose "Quik-River" Tatter Sticks, Family Portioned Bowl "Baby Award Winning"

 43. "Market Cubboard" Chucken Borritos, Large-sized Bowl "Child Approved"

 44. Moldy "Hearty Family" Cheez Sauce, Fun Size Box "Teen Approved"

 45. "Discount Mountain" Vega Sticks Bowl

 46. "Shoppers Chef" Prawn Steak, Family Portion Pouch

 47. Oat Borritos, Lunch-sized Bottle

 48. "Country Family" Soylent Borritos, Economy Portioned Bag

 49. Moldy Krilla Mash, Lunch-sized Jar

 50. Flattened "Green Buffet" Artifical Fruity Flakes Packet

 51. Loose Loobster Spread, Maxi Portioned Carton

 52. Flattened Cheez Butter, Large Size Box

 53. Loose "Valu-Hearth" Vegamax Cubes, Large-sized "Senior Award Winning"

 54. Squished Chom Powder Bowl "Public Council's Choice"

 55. Loose Artifical Soylent Steak, Fun-sized Tube

 56. Dented Fruity Wafers, Squad Size Tube "Corporate Inspected"

 57. "WorldCo Pot" Mackrel Chews, Family Portion Cup

 58. Loose "PriceRite Bakery" Fortified Mussel Chews, Snack-sized

 59. "Amalgamated Food Multinational Plate" Low Sodium Clum Crackers Tin

 60. Crumbling New Flavor Beef Sauce, Large Size

 61. Swollen "Quik-Hen" Lomb Water Box

 62. Clum Granola, Banquet Size Tube

 63. Dented "Valu-Cubboard" Choco, Sharing-sized Box

 64. Opened "Value Buffet" Saftey-Sealed Soy, Break Size Box "Clone's Favorite"

 65. Greasy "Green Counter" Vega Chews, Large Portion Tin

 66. "Happy Cook" Diet Oat Wafers, Sharing Portioned Tin

 67. Crumbling "Shoppers Oven" Vegamax Syrup

 68. Squished "Discount Stove" Simulated Tarkey Pie, Break Portion

 69. Stale "Green Stove" Chicken Syrup, Fun Portioned Bottle "Bachelor's Choice"

 70. Runny "Quik-Castle" Vega, Family Portion Tin "Government Recomended"

 71. "Amalgamated Food Multinational Bakery" Prawn Cup "Teen's Like Them"

 72. Stale "Happy Meal" Soylent Borritos, Dinner Portioned

 73. "FoodCo Ranch" Oat Soup, Meal-sized Box "Clone's Like Them"

 74. Mangled "WorldCo Valley" Corn Nectar, Squad Size Bowl

 75. Mussel Crackers, Economy Portioned

 76. Stale "Super Feast" Saftey-Sealed Soy Nectar, Lunch Portion Pouch

 77. Loose "Super Chef" Mackrel Borritos, Family Portioned Carton

 78. "Value Grill" Fortified Nilla Pouch

 79. "Market Cook" Turkey Pie, Super-sized

 80. "Super Prize" Choco Stew, Banquet Portion Tube

 81. "Discount Cubboard" Tarkey Paste, Meal-sized Tub "Auntie Award Winning"

 82. Squished "FoodCo Oven" Diet Berry Flakes, Fun-sized Pouch "Doctor's Like Them"

 83. Stale "FoodCo Plate" Berry, Banquet Portioned Bag

 84. "Shoppers Ribbon" Shelf Stable Fush Wraps Bowl "Public Council Inspected"

 85. Swollen "Market Spoon" Naturally Flavored Potato Drink Packet

 86. Dry "Healthy Range" Artifical Mussel Tubes, Lunch Portioned Box "Safety Board Approved"

 87. "Amalgamated Food Multinational Pot" Oat Pockets, Maxi-sized Tube

 88. Crumbling "Hearty Basket" Mussel Borritos

 89. Mangled "Hearty Prize" Fortified Nilla Jelly Pouch

 90. Rotten "Valu-Valley" Cheez Sausage Jar

 91. "Discount Buffet" Simulated Oat Jerky, Squad Size Jar

 92. Loose "Super Meal" Lamb Butter Bag "Grandma Inspected"

 93. "Quik-Rooster" New Flavor Loobster Pie, Large Portion Tin

 94. Soy Stew "Clone Authorized"

 95. Dented Fortified Bean Drink, Sharing Portion Tube

 96. "Market Stove" Turkey Chews Carton "Government's Like Them"

 97. Simulated Chucken Cubes, Sharing-sized Carton "Government Certified"

 98. "Super Castle" Soylent Tubes Bag

 99. "Shoppers Valley" Chucken Bag

100. Squished Soylent Tube


  1. Hilarious AND useful. I'll be using this table.

    1. Excellent. I like mixing humor into my PA desolation.