Tuesday, October 25, 2022

AI Generated OSR Gamebook Covers.


I'm sure most people are aware there are AI engines out there that will create "original" works of art the picture here was created with the following text prompt:   

Gamebook Cover for indie OSR tabletop roleplaying game. Indie publishing. Old School Roleplaying. Game Book.

The settings were all pretty much minimal and the results not bad at all from 6 or 7 feet away.  The closer you look the worse they look BUT the AI art generators are producing better and better results. What impresses me are the compositions and general layouts. How the AI deals with text is always "interesting".

AI generated art horrifies and delights me as it is a tool with a lot of promise and is clearly evolving but it creates a "threat" to artists and originality. A skilled artist can surely do better than what was generated here but I worry for a day when there are very few professional artists and a graphic designer becomes someone who just fiddles with entering data into an AI image generator.

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