Thursday, April 8, 2010

ashes to ashes...?

I wouldn't be posting this right now if I hadn't read this over at grognardia. It surprised the heck out of me to see it. It also reminded me that we are all rembered for our deeds not matter how great or small by someone somewhere and we will be remembered by them and our actions will live beyond us.

Jerry Mapes was a friend an online friend, we never met in person, it was a little surprising to discover we had formed a friendship but we did, he let me know it. We'd discuss religion, theology, character and a little bit of gaming.

He passed shortly after Dave Arneson did and a coupe days after Jerry died so did my Aunt Shell. Each person touched my life, in ways people wouldn't' automatically expect and a year later folks are still thinking of them and their lives and deeds are still influencing us.

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