Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well, let's put his corpse over there in the corner...

I've been using a variety of character detail and background charts I've glommed off the internet for my current campaign. One of my players sees these little bits of detail as waste and the others love them. I suspect the player who doesn't care for them doesn't seem to think the backgrounds bits will matter much , he'd be very wrong.

One of the players ended up with a young adolescent thief as an underling "Jimmy the Shimmy" he was known as. He was slain last night by a magical trap on a door that transformed the door handle into a snake and poisoned him to death (there was a growing number of snake clues so no one was terribly surprised). The reaction of the player who Jimmy the Shimmy served was..."Well, let's put his corpse over there in the corner and I'll search him for those 2 g.p. I gave him". The player was a little upset but not too much, he just figures he lost a little background and an extra roll for thieving tasks. He hasn't stopped to wonder how Jimmy's mother and older brother will take the news of his untimely death being towed around by a callous mage down into goblin tunnels.

Jimmy didn't have the 2 g.p., "darn, I wonder what he spent them on?" said his former boss.

They shouldn't be leaving bodies laying around after fighting a bunch of kobold skeletons while hunting down goblins, one of the goblins just might be able to animate the dead. Possibly the players have forgotten about this table - What Happens with the body? .


  1. The party in the game I am currently DMing did that a while back with a few slain henchmen. They ended up fighting them a few weeks later as zombies.

    Since then they've been a bit more...respectful.