Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little less serious

No game tonight so, instead of spending my time on last minute game prep, some writing or anything overtly productive I've been doodling. I was drawing on my baby boy's wall (he has a big pad of paper in one spot) and whipped up a knight not too different from the fellows here and went to work whipping up a few on my computer and knights aren't cool without a dragon so the green fellow was added into the mix.


  1. Hooray for reduced seriousity. I was in a "less than serious" mood when I stocked the tesseract dungeon full of crazed goblins this weekend.

  2. Nice. Reminds me that I need to locate and re-read my Finieous Fingers anthology.

  3. Right!

    Jakes, you get up on that rise and cover us with your bow. Powell, swing around and come in from the right. McTavish, you go left and I'll go up the center.

    Maximus, loop around to the far side and we'll drive them into your flame.

    (What, you thought there were trying to slay the dragon?)