Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Highness [Movie Review]

The wife and I wanted a few yucks and kid free time so we went to see "Your Highness" yesterday. It's a fantasy comedy where bad boy/lazy Prince Thadius goes off to help his handsome dashing brother Prince Fabios save his lady love from being violated an evil sorcerer that has kidnapped her. Pretty straight up fantasy flick plot with a twist.

It's a gross, juvenile, sophomoric movie that technically is an awful lot like a third or so of the D&D games I encountered as a teen and not too far removed from the occasional session as an adult. It's not an un-enjoyable film , the wife liked it more then I did. The ever present low-brow humor is amusing but just barely there were only a few big laughs that I enjoyed and I suspect they were more guilty laughs from recollections of D&D games past.

Is it worth the price of a movie ticket? Maybe, as long as your expecting piggy sex jokes,potty humor and stoner jokes in a fantasy medieval setting with good acting, respectable effects, graphic gore, nudity and good costuming.

Overall rating: me: C- wife: B- (going in expecting piggy-teen comedy)
It's not Cherry 2000 bad.

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