Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inhuman Treasures I

The hands of men and dwarves are not the only ones that fashion treasures that may be found by dungeon delvers, many inhuman hands labor to create treasures worthy of those with inhuman desires.

Here for your treasure heaps are three such inhuman treasures:

Pickled Dark-Elf Placenta: among the dark elves and some others the pickled placenta of a dark elf is considered to be both a fertility aid and an aphrodisiac. Given how seldom a dark elf produces offspring in her life they are very rare and prized among dark and decadent folk. The placenta is usually sliced thin and typically kept pickled in a fine crystal vessel that is a treasure in it's own right. (Value of full vessel: 300 g.p.)

Dragonmarrow Wine: wine with the dissolved marrow drawn from a dragons forelimb femur. The wine is reported to be fortified by the marrow and to enhance magics related to the dragon type the marrow is drawn from. Only the marrow from and adult or older dragon is to be used but that doesn't keep folks from manufacturing this expensive rarity using marrow from other bones. The color of dragon will typically be recoded on the vessel containing the wine as only the most experienced connoisseurs could possibly tell the vintages apart. (Value per quart: 75 g.p.)

Mourn Whistle: a small flute manufactured from the bones of a victim tortured to death over thirteen moons by goblins. Goblins of all sorts claim to be able to detect authentic instruments from forgeries as there is a certain tone of agony missing in the fakes.
(Value at goblin market: 5 g.p.)