Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inhuman Treasures II

Three inhuman treasures sure to produce horror in some circles.

Living Brain: a brain suspended in a unique mixture of fluid held sealed in a crystal vessel that can only be opened (without breaking the vessel) by one with telekinetic powers. These brains are a delicacy among a variety of intelligent psionic predators. (Approximate Value: 1,000 g.p.)

Gilded Pate: an entire head held in a gilded cage. The head is animated by a special form of necromancy which keeps the head from rotting. Speak with dead spells will function as normal if cast on a gilded pate otherwise there are no special powers inherent in this baleful arrangement but some do believe the spirit of the beheaded remains trapped. (Value depending on original identity and or beauty of head: 500-2,000 g.p.)

Tattooed Hound: Another necromantic horror. A tattooed hound is a canine shaved of all it's fur and elaborately tattooed prior to being slain and re-animated. They make ideal pets to some as they need no feeding and produce no waste. A pair of such tattooed hounds led on silver chains was once considered the height of style among necromancers and their ilk. Tattooed Hounds may growl but lack the ability to bite or bark as their mouths are sewn shut prior to death. (Value Dependign on breed of dog and tattooing: 1,000-4,000 g.p.)