Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dice Secrets Revealed

While attending PAX this past weekend my over 60 year old father revealed a secret about him and his dice use I've missed over the years.

My father was reluctant to hop into an open D&D game becasue he didn't have his briefcase of doom which holds his game stuff and most importantly his dice. It seems he has over the years determined which dice roll well (and evenly) and to prevent polluting any of them with bad luck he has seven of each on hand and makes sure not to roll one again in sequence before rolling a die he has yet to use if he can help it. I giggled insanely when he disclosed that and assured him that would be showing up on this blog.

I shouldn't laugh too much however as the players try to keep their dice away from me because a number of times in the past I've looked a player in the eye , said "jinx" and tapped one of their dice and it has rolled poorly the rest of the session...bwahahahaha

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