Sunday, April 8, 2012

PAX pics and Swag

Got back from PAX in Boston a little while ago.

Lolth, the coolest thing about the WOTC booth which besides the castle walls was boring as waiting in a line for a bad commercial. Not one darned word about the new edition they are cooking up... they are sure putting some marketing energy into that...

More dice, always need more dice. My faves are the NPC Smiley Die and the Dungeon Generator Die.

Even more dice, D5's, D7's, D14's, D16's and D24's.

A Reaper mini freshly painted at the free paint and take area. Not so bad really considering I didn't bring my reading glasses to the con. Everything within 2 feet of my face is blurry 72 dpi at best. It's one of their new line of plastic Bones miniatures, they paint-up really well and don't need a drop of primer.

My oldest child with his new Dungeons And Dragons T-shirt.