Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Success on Mog

The players in the Mog campaign have manged to successfully delve into the dungeon into it's second level and return to civilization richer and not worse off for the wear.

After their earlier reported session the party moved on to discover a looted chamber with several smashed sarcophagi beyond a locked door others had failed to open, the mystery of entrance was solved when a narrow tunnel dug down from the surface was discovered in the ceiling.

The party backtracked marking the wall with their travel so as to avoid getting lost, opting out of delving down into the second level right away. The party traveled taking left hand turns until they found their options cutoff by a strange iron door covered in glyphs of linked barbed circles and ancient runes. Vistara the amazon acolyte was able to decipher the runes with a use of a comprehend spell and the party was baffled and the players surprised when the translation was given: Radiation Hazard.   The party made to leave not caring to face this unknown warning of hazardous energies, all except for Slandara: "We've come here to seek treasure and face dangers, I'm not fleeing from a strange written warning". As the rest of the party crept away she forced her way into the chamber to see it was filled with odd devices of twisted metal ad then she recoiled in surprise as they rose thin and gaunt with glowing green eyes, self preservation won out over foolhardy valor and she raced back after the party with the enemy following her. The party fled to the entrance of the dungeon and discovered they were being pursued by nearly a dozen skeletons with glowing green eyes that refused to enter the sunlight creeping into the depths from the surface. A shield wall was formed and the party advanced on the skeletons felling the strange unarmed creature. The source of the animus of the skeletons could not be discovered and the glow in their eyes faded on destruction.

Girding themselves with resolve after the successful battle the party went back deeper into the dungeon along a route as of yet unexplored. Biko the Pygmy hunter sprung a trap but easily avoided the axe swinging from above rigged to the trip line he stumbled upon. A room reeking of dung and urine was avoided by the explorers who pressed on until the discovered a broad door covered in obscene and colorful scrawling. The door was suspected to be trapped and a peep hole was evident at 2 and one half feet over the floor within the door. As the party fiddled about outside the door they could hear the clanking of arms and armor and shouted orders rallying an unknown force to defense.
The door was unlocked but found to be barred on the reverse and as the party pondered what to do Corraina Amzon Zealot manged to warn the party against a force of diminutive colorful mutants spilling forth from a secret door to their rear. The battle was quick and bloody with three members of the party staying to guard the door they were trying to enter.  The fighters Beck and Slandara raced down the side corridor revealed by the secret door but fell into a pit trap while Caorraina following with light was able to spot a spout pouring oil down into the pit in time to warn them to scurry out to the sound of doors being hammered shut from beyond. the party abandoned the assault on the strange little humanoids and decided to try their luck on the staircase leading down into the dungeon.

Descending into what the party presumed was the second level of the dungeon proved fruitful, Biko quickly discovered tracks of booted feet in some dust and the party followed to a large double door and gnashing ans slobbering could be heard coming from behind. After a peek revealed almost a dozen palid humanoids in bloody feeding frenzy there was a brief discussion of tactics but not brief enough to allow surprised of the ghouls feeding in the chamber. It was brutal fight with Slandara being overcome by a single scratch of the palled freaks claws. Triborn failed to inflict any woe upon the ghouls with his magics and Vestara was able to harm the fiends twice with her brilliant arc spell before her gods denied continued use of the spell. The party prevailed and Slandara quickly nursed back to health. A sizable treausre was discovered in the chamber where the remains of the three adventurers they had trailed to this place had been revealed to be the diner for the gang of ghouls; A couple hundred silver shekels and 50 gold lions were discovered. With their hoard won bounty the party retreated from the dungeon and back to civilization.


DM Notes:
*  The weapon speed and initiative system is working to differentiate weapons and keep fights from being predictable.
* the +2 bonus fighters in combat have compared to others is noticeable and the players are quickly realizing fighters should do the bulk of the fighting in this campaign.
* only one person has used Parrying just yet and it didn't work.
* Some of the players like all the different money, one player has an almost pathological hatred of it.
* A large party is working well for survivability of the party but it is cutting down on the ability to surprise foes.
* the skill system is working so far.,you can notice the difference between unskilled, skilled and expert attempts but the difference isn't overwhelming yet.
* the players have enough loot to invest in some metal armor and one player is eying the ability to purchase a single-shot pistol back at the bazzaar, just a few silver shekels short...


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