Sunday, March 24, 2013

Building MOG HexCrawl Phase-1

 Here's my campaign map for MOG as I'm working on it.  The terrain is simply colored hexes for now as things are going to walk about as I develop them. Only The city of Panthoom is currently positioned on the map.  The party is currently rooting about some tunnels beneath ruins outside of a small trading town near hex 4-6. The labels are broad brushstrokes for what is in each area for now.

Plans for the HexCrawl- tighten up and define the terrain. Lay down the cities and major towns. Generate 1-3 set encounters per hex. Maybe develop detailed hexes of some hexes. The Under-city of MOG is under most of this map so there have to be some entrances, The Lost River Kingdom is the most obvious entry. A couple of location adventures should be worked up of course, I've already got a few palaces, temples, and tombs planned.

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