Monday, January 13, 2014

50 Thieves Tools

What's in a thief's kit? roll a d50 12 times. No prices, stats, modifiers, just a list of various thieves tools and their function.

1.      Jimmy, used for prying between boards, doors and shutters.
2.      Claw, used to withdraw heavy nails, break screws, and separate hardware from mounting.
3.      Eyed-Jimmy, serves as a weak claw but the eye allows one to turn bolts.
4.      Squinting-jimmy,a jimmy with a tapering eye that eases the turning of bolts.
5.      Chisel, for more serious splitting of boards and other elements when making noise doesn’t matter.
6.      Jimmy-pick, a jimmy with a pick head for excavations
7.      Little alderman, a small wedge of strong metal used to pop open hinges and doors.
8.      Hammer, used for bashing, driving spikes, and making use of other tools like chisels and wedges.
9.      Skeleton Key, a generic key that has a fair chance of opening a lock with the same number of wards.
10.   Nippers, thing long pliers that may be fit through a keyhole to turn or fetch a key left in the other side of a lock.
11.   Hand drill, a small hand drill for a multitude of larcenous hole making.
12.   Lubricating oil, a small can or flask of oil meant to lubricate lock and hinges to ease motion and reduce noise.
13.   Powder, to absorb moisture and improve friction when needed.
14.   Angler’s wire, thin but firm wire that may be used to fish for keys and small objects on the other side of an opening.
15.   Padded Mallet, a hammer softend with wood leather and maybe cloth padding to reduce noise made when driving spikes or using a chisel.
16.   Eyed Piton, a spike with an eye hook to fasten ropes to aid climbing
17.   Stirrup Piton, a spike with bar or more elaborate stirrup to aid climbing
18.   Hanging hook, a small hook meant to be looped on top of a wall or in a window to improve purchase or attach a line for accomplices to climb or safely lower stolen goods.
19.   Foot Hook, similar to above but with a stirrup or bar meant to aid climbing.
20.   Rope ladder, a double rope with foot rests between.
21.   Stirruped Rope, a rope with “stirrups”, rest,rings, or hand-holds built in.
22.   Screwjack, a sturdy jack for pushing bars apart or popping a door/shutter from a frame.
23.   Saw Knife, a small knife-sized easy to carry can saw through catches, wooden bars, and bolts given enough time.
24.   Hook Knife, a small knife with a hook to improve the chances of lifting a latch on a window or door.
25.   Wire pick, a strong length of wire meant to aid as a lock-pick or to lift a lath through a door-crack
26.   Ear horn, simple cone for amplifying noise on other side of a barrier.
27.   Metalpick, a firm metal prod used to force lock mehcnaisms.
28.   Punch, for knocking holes in thin wood.
29.   Hole Saw, a fancy handsaw similar to a hand drill with a saw bit for opening a hole in wood.
30.   Metal Acid, a small flask of acid that will eat away nails, screws, and hinges, maybe eat away an entire lock.
31.   Tension Bar, hold picks in place and provide tension as a lock is turned.
32.   Lifting Rod, a short rod (typically wood) for probing and lifting latches.
33.   Screwdriver, for turning screws when so needed. Come in multiple sizes.
34.   Hacksaw, a small saw able to cut through all but the strongest metals given the time.
35.   Files, used to trim bits of wood and metal can quietly widen holes and cut-away bars.
36.   Pliers, plain old pliers with multiple uses for working nuts and screws.
37.   Wire Cutter, a plier-like tool able to quickly cut a wire.
38.   Magnifying lens, for peaking into small hard to see spots (such as a key hole)
39.   Collapsible Pole, a multi segment pole that allows one to have a 10’ pole on hand without having to carry such a large ungainly thing all the time.
40.   Weapon Black, cut down on the gleam of blades and other metal to reduce the odds of a reflection at a bad time (eases hiding).
41.   Magnetic Filings, can be spread on an area to detect magnetic metals, aid in locating a trap or concealed mechanism.
42.   Wax Block, for making a quick imprint of a key or seal.
43.   Strapping, strong leather strapping to improve tension, tie off tools  when dangling on a wall, or aid in a slow climb (less likely to fall when tied to something).
44.   Awl Pick, a lock pick designed to defeat a lock by breaking internal workings.
45.   Finger Pick, a tiny pick worn on a fingertip to allow picking of very sensitive locks without risk of dropping a pick.
46.   Pin Lamp, a very small candle lamp that only emits a pin point of light meant to illuminate a very small working area.
47.   Climber’s Claws, hand-sized rake-like claws to aid climbing.
48.   Cat’s Harness, an elaborate leather harness with fittigns and hooks to attach tools and lines to improve “second story” work.
49.   Stick Mirror, a tiny mirror on a collapsible metal rod useful for looking through holes and around corners.
50.   Oversocks, slip over boots or shoes to move more quietly.


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    1. That was quick. O think it took me longer to copy and paste from my notes to my blog.

    2. I had it ready to publish before I asked permission. As soon as you said "sure" all I had to do was create a new page and copy-paste it from the txt file. ;-)

  2. I can't help thinking that this list was stolen from somewhere....

    1. Decades of gaming and a couple 19th century articles on the criminal practices. I am almost certainly dragging along something I lifted elsewhere.