Saturday, October 11, 2014

Into the Ruins III

A few more tables of relatively mundane features to help describe large ruins. I'm going to go from the top to the bottom starting at Roof Access necessary to get more use out of the first set of tables and it shall flow form there.

Roof Access (1d100)
1-20 No Interior Access or formal external access (get a ladder)
21-25 Trapdoor to roof, no ladder
26-40 Trapdoor to roof w/ladder
41-55 Trapdoor to roof with narrow and shallow stairs
56-60 Trapdoor to roof with stairs
61-62 Trapdoor to Cupola on roof, no ladder
63-70 Trapdoor to Cupola on roof w/ladder
71-75Trapdoor to Cupola on roof with narrow and shallow stairs
76-80Trapdoor to Cupola on roof with stairs
81-83 Exterior Stairs lead to roof from street
84-86 Exterior stairs lead to roof from lower floor balcony/porch.
87-90 Exterior Ladder leads to roof
91-95 Exterior Ladder leads to roof from lower floor balcony/porch
96-98 A bridge from building across street/alley.
99-100 Rope hangs from roof on outside

Sewer/Sewer Access
1-20 No sewage facilities beyond gutter in street
21-35 Hatch to private cesspit
36-40 Piping to private cesspit
41-55 Piping to neighborhood sewer (2-12 nearby structures share it in common)
56-60 Piping outflow to gutter
61-62 Trench outflow to gutter
63-75 Piping to sewer
76-80 Wide drain to Sewer in basement
81-95 Hatch to sewer in basement
96-98 Hatch to sewer against outside of home
99-100 Drain to sewer against home

Sanitary Facilities
1-10 None of note
11-30 Bedpan/chamber pots
31-33 Bedpan/chamber pots, recently used
34-50 Seating above chamberpot
51-60 Nook with seating above chamberpot
60-70 Full privy with chamberpots
71-75 Elaborate Pail Closet
76-85 Privy with outflow to street
86-100 Privy with outflow to sewage(if connection is present).

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