Friday, October 31, 2014

Dungeons & Pendragonwarriorwarhammerquest.

I've written about mixing features of RPG games in the past but Dungeons & Pendragonwarriorwarhammerquest has been tumbling about in the back of my head while I've been doing some actual work and cutting wood for the winter. Picture the horrible beauty of all of the best features of Dungeons and Dragons, Pendragon, Warhammer RPG, Dragon Warriors, and runequest all rolled into one!

Of course that's a little crazy as not everyone is going to agree on the best features. I like classes,levels, and dungeons no way I'd be dumping those from a D&D hybrid. Pendragon is cool as it alters the focus to actually developing a character and the behavior of that character over time in a setting the character fits in. Warhammer has career paths that work cool as a more gritty and grotty class/level structure than what we see in D&D, I also like losers of fights to not always face death but also disability. Dragon Warriors shows how familiar themes can be re-wrapped and multiple subsystems can indeed work well together, and the expiry roll for spell duration simply rocks. Runequest offers a magic system that works from low power to high power with a fairly consistent power-curve, individual skills that aren't insanely complicated and a more detailed and scaled combat system. And other things of course.

Just a crazy concept but I had to share.


  1. Three years ago you wrote a similar post:

    ...I was so taken with the idea that I put a lot of work into making it happen (as mentioned in the comments of that post). Life got in the way, the blogging stopped and so did my time for such projects. This one sounds just as exciting and doable. Hope you make it happen JD or else someone picks it up and runs with it.

    1. Three years passes like nothing in hindsight. Mashing-up is just such a fun hobby idea for the rule tinkerer. Houseruling cubed I suppose.

  2. Do you know about Dungeons: The Dragonning?,000_7th_Edition