Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Old Campaign Dead, new campagn on horizon, and new plans

My campaign is dead, haven't played in a while due to scheduling reasons. I don't want to totally scrap it but I am going to be rebooting it. The basic concept of the dungeon is going to stay the same but the surface world is going to change into a more traditional pseudo-medieval setting so the weirdness of the main dungeon will be amplified in comparison. Hope to get that setup for an open weekend game every 3 or 4 weeks and maybe look into online gaming to run alongside.

Not sure about the print newsletter yet but I did start expanding some posts and am flipflopping on delivery methods and format. It may be PDF only that way I can use one delivery and tracking method for domestic and foreign customers.  Had been favoring 3 or 4 sheets 11 x 17 folded with at least one map but have to fold that all up to keep postage low. Still working the options over in my head.

A buddy has gotten his degree and is done with school and wants to get back to rolling dice as a DM so I'll be rolling dice as a PC when he's ready to go.

My other blog BigDungeon will be seeing some actual posting activity over the next few weeks. I had mentioned playign about with random tools a number of posts back so I'll be using BigDungeon as the spot to post a big dungeon that is semi-randomly generated and maybe if enough people comment or send parties down the tunnels it will be a lite living campaign sort of project with play reports and updates.

So there you go, plans of dice and men. 

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