Saturday, November 22, 2014

Colorizing Carcosa, Part III

In parts I and II of colorizing carcosahad some notes on having the color of each of the races and some items of gear have differing mechanical effects in a Carcosan campaign. This post is going to be about making monsters more colorful.

Each monster shoudl have a randomly determined base color and colored features as per the chart below

Colorful Monster Feature roll 2d6
2-7 no extra colorful feature
8 Colored fangs, talons, or claws
9 Colored frills, crests, and combs
10 Colored Belly or soft spot
11 Colorful Spots or stripes
12 Color immunity

Colored fangs, talons, and claws will be made as per the color of those attack types not the overall color of the monster in question. A monster with such a colored attack form may not always be noteworthy on casual observation or in poor visibility.

Monsters with Colored frills, crests, and combs will make special attacks as per the color of the feature and not the base color of the monster, such features are more obvious and would be noted except under fairly poor visibility.

Colored Belly or Soft Spot will leave the monster with a location that will suffer double damage or save at -4 if specifically targeted. Such spots may be hard to detect or reach depending on the type of creature.

Monster with differently colored Stripes or Spots  will be as resistant to these attack forms as they are to those of their base color. The meat of such creatures has a 50% chance of being that of the feature or base color.

Monster with a color immunity are completely immune to special attacks of a specific color and may not show these colors on their skin at all but sometimes it can be seen in the eyes of the monster (2 in 6 chance).

Colorful Monster Psychology
2-7no colorful psychology
8 or 9 drawn to a color
10 rage vs color
11 fearful of color
12 blind to color

Monsters drawn to a color will tend to approach and seek out that color, attacks will likely be directed against targets of that color.

Some monsters will rage on exposure to certain colors being +2 to hit and inflicting an extra die of damage.

Monsters Fearful of a color will avoid it or possibly flee it if exposed to a display or special atack of the color.

Monster blind to a color will not particularly notice or react to object or creatures of a specific color. this blindness can be absolute, grant the attacker a bonus, or always allow the monster to be surprise dby attackers of the color as determined by the DM.

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