Friday, November 21, 2014

Colorizing Carcosa, part II

last post I mentioned a couple ways to differentiate the various colored races of Carcosa from each other by granting resistances to attacks of the same color and having the color of food and drink provide some risks. The following are some ideas for colored items/equipment on carcosa.

The Colorful Warrior/ Colored Weapons
Fighters on Carcosa wielding a weapon of the same color may roll double damage dice anytime they successfully strike a target with a d20 attack roll of 18 to 20. Such a weapon must be special in some manner eldritch magicks, alien tech or obscure manufacture a red warrior will gain no benefit from painting a club red (as an example).

Colored Armor
Armor specially fashioned from the skins and shells of a colored beast grant a +2 to saves against attacks of the same color. this bonus would stack with any racial bonus a character has.

Colored Shield
non-fighters with a colored shield have a 2 in 6 chance of deflecting a special attack of the same color with their shield (the shield breaks if a 6 is rolled), fighters have a 3 in 6 chance of deflecting special attacks of the same color.

Colored Goggles
allow one to see creatures of same color (as goggles) even if hidden by psionics, magic, or super-science if within 200. Take caution however as any psionic attacks, charming/domination abilities, or visual attacks launched by those of the same color as the goggles will be resisted at -2.

Colored Decanter
two quarts of beverage will be converted to same color as that of the decanter. Mixing two different color liquids or putting poison or acid in the decanter has a 50% chance of destroying the decanter.

Colored Mask
These specially made masks will neutralize the effect of gases of the same color. If worn into combat these masks have a 1 in 6 chance of beign destroyed each round and impose a -2 penalty to ranged combat for the wearer.

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