Thursday, November 20, 2014

Colorizing Carcosa, pt I

A post I read today at Dungeon of Signs by Gus got me thinking about Carcosa as a setting and the way the crayola colored men are cool as all get out and then pretty much meaningless outside of good old racism and xenophobia.  This post is about what makes the color of each type of colored man of Carcosa matter more mechanically.

Resistant to own color.
The men of carcosa are resistance to attacks form sources of their own color, whether it be rays, lasers, toxic fogs, or insect stings if the source is the same color as the character they receive a +2 bonus to resit negative effects and still only suffer half damage in any case.

Fighters with a CON of 13 to 17 have a +3 bonus instead, +4 if CON 18 or higher.
Sorcerers with a WIS of 13 to 17 have a +3 bonus, +4 if WIS is 18 or higher.
Others with a CHA of 13 to 17 have a +3 bonus, or a lucky +4 if CHA is 18 or higher.

Colorful Foods
It's always safe to eat food the same color as your own (unless it is otherwise a potent poison or drug) but Carcosans can have trouble digesting and imbibing the wide range of food goods of other colors out there. Each character will have one color of food they will have negative reactions to, if a character has a CON of 7 or less they will have two baleful colors. If you roll your own color on this chart and have a CON score of 15 or more congratulations no baleful foods for you, roll again otherwise.

Baleful Foods (roll 1d100)
1-8 Black
9-16 Blue
19-20 Clear (or Silver)
21-28 Brown
29-36 Dolm
37-44 Green
46-52 Jale
53-60 Orange
61-68 Purple
69-76 Red
77-84 Ulfire
85-92 White
93-100 Yellow

Effects of Baleful Food roll 1d8
1 or less Lethal Poison
2 Probably Lethal Posion. horrible wracking pain and 1 die of damage a turn until purged.
3 Dangerous Poison, illness and 1 die of damage an hour until purged).
4 Causes Paralysis for 2-16 hours
5 Causes deep sleep for 2-8 hours, can not be woken.
6 Causes uncontrollable vomiting/diaerha for next 4-24 hours.
7 Indigestible, no food value and painful cramping for 2-12 hours.
8 or more Awful flatulence, chance of random encounters doubled and impossible to surprise anything else.

add 1 to roll if CON 15+ , subtract 1 from roll if CON 7 or less.

Determining the effect of a particular type of baleful food per character or per color is up to the DM.


  1. this is good stuff
    glad to see ppl trying to fill blanks of carcosa

    1. Thank you. Some of your psychon stuff would surely come in handy to that end as well.

  2. I like it.

    Don't forget that men have differing susceptibilities to the nearly 100 different sorts of elemental weapons depending on their skin color. :)

    1. Glad you like it, I was certainly inspired by the elemental weapons chart. I had a goofy table of more traditional elemental weapons floating about in one of my notebooks I thought I typed up for the blog but don't ever seem to have done so, I'll have to do that as well. Who doesn't need a +2 Tantalum Sword?