Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Task Resolution in Current Campaign

My current campaign is using what I called the hidden non-binary resolution system of D&D a while ago.

When a task is uncertain based on the situation as established by player or DM the DdM may call for a task roll to aid in judging the success of an action. When resolving a task roll 2d6 and any ranks a character may have in the related skill being used, add modifiers for race and ability scores. Some situations may have negative or positive modifiers often as related to level. If you are attempting a task that is 2 or more level then character level apply a -2 modifier to the roll, if a task has a level and you beat that level by 2 or more levels apply a +2 modifier to the roll.

The resolution is non-binary and will depend on player input , DM moderation, and dice roll to resolve. Not all task are immediately resolved and may require increased investment in time or multiple rolls.

Task Resolution Table
2 or less
Dismal Failure
Unfavorable, failure likely, additional rolls or saving throws may be called for
Uncertain, success or partial success likely, additional rolls possible
Favorable, generally successful but some additional actions may be required to complete task on hand
12 or more
Extremely Favorable, success and more has been achieved

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