Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Impending Clown'pocalypse

It started as rumors and internet stories, soon there were 911 calls and school closings, and right from the beginning you knew this was different.
Because it was happening in small towns, north and south. It was in the newspapers and on television.
And then it wasn't just online or the TV any more. They were in the street outside.
They were coming in through the through your windows.
It was a virus, an infection.
No one needed a doctor to tell say it was the grease paint
There was something in the make-up.
By the time they tried to evacuate the cities, it was already too late.
The infection was everywhere, confetti littered the streets,
The army blockades were overrun and puddles of seltzer were everywhere.
People started to flee, but there were little cars full of them roaming the streets.
The day before broadcasting stopped, there were reports of Infection in Paris and New York.
We didn't hear anything more after that besides the horrible laughter.


Growing clown hysteria here in the United States is just a harbinger of the end times... the Clown'pocalypse is coming.


  1. If the infection created Joker-style clowns, that would be something to fear. Would make a great setting...

  2. I was picking my daughter up from dance, and the girls were talking about who had seen which clown where here in town... it's really captured the kids' imagination

    1. I know 20 year olds having nightmares about clowns recently.

  3. Replies
    1. Well I have a quickie mini-game based off my zombie mini game from a few years ago getting posted later today.

      I'd love to have the funding and support to do a clown hysteria spoof.