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One-Post Clown'pocalypse Survival Horror Mini-RPG

Can you and your fellow cast of PC's survive the Clown’pocalypse? Will they survive to the inevitable sequel?

Ability scores-
Players get 7 points to build a character. Put pts in each score.
Cool- Ability to keep it together and not freak out
Run- How fast you are
Shoot- how well one shoots guns and hits with other ranged attacks
Brawl- how well one fights in hand-to-hand combat
Brains- how clever, smart and perceptive one is

HP- players have 2dice worth of hit points + per point of Cool and Brawl. When damaged you lose HP, when HP reach 0 a player character is dead.

DF- defense factor = 2+ Run + Brawl

Weakness- every character has a weakness or phobia that will screw thing up for them, the player is free to pick such as Acrophobia, Afraid of Clowns, Sex addict, Drug fiend (or anything else that fits). A player gets bonus points in each scene their character can overindulge or over react  Havign a character Afraid of Clowns is probably not all that bright in this game.

Doing Things-
when a player character tries to do something and the GM isn't sure if it would be immediately successful the player rolls 2 dice + the relevant ability score and tries to roll over the DS (difficulty score) set by the GM. (usually a score from 7 to 12)

Hitting Things-
players attack clowns and the deranged by trying to roll over a foes DF. 2dice + shoot to hit something with a gun. 2dice+ brawl to hit something in Hand to hand combat. 2dice+ Brains to hit something with a clever trap or gimmick.

Getting Hurt and Infection-
when players are hit by foes they suffer 1dice or more damage (which is reduced from HP). If a 6 is ever rolled during a clown attack the PC is infected and will become helpless in 1die scenes from fever and then turn into a clown in 1die-1 scenes after that. (the GM makes these rolls in secret)

Hurting Clowns-
Clowns don't usually have HP like players do. Clowns have a Body score. Any time a die of damage equals or beat the body score roll on the Clown damage chart to see the effect of the damage. only check once for an attack except for explosives.

Die Roll
Clown Damage
Poked n Eyes, the clown will squint and wail, it is stunned until end of next turn.
Nose Beep. This is hilarious, the clown will be stunned till the end of the turn. All witnesses must make a laughter check.
Clown Falls Down. the clown will be knocked prone and helpless until it can get up at the end of any following turn it isn’t hit. When it first falls down anyone nearby but the attacker must make a laughter check.
Foot Flattened. -1 to clown speed.
Disemboweled Clown. Everyone but attacked must make Freakout chek 1st time they see this. If the clown attempts to make a balloon animal out of intestines there is a 50/50 chance any witness must make a laughter check.
Head popped like a Baloon, Clown Destoryed.

Freaking Out!
Whenever something really gross or spooky happens a PC/NPC has to check against freaking out. Roll 2 dice  add Cool to the roll and consult chart for the results
Freak Out Result
5 or less
Lose-It/Collapse. Character is totally useless and must be dragged about for 1 die-1 of scenes
6 or 7
Panic. Must move away from all Clowns for next 1dir worth of turns,
Hesitate. No actions until end of next turn.
Drop things in hand.
Stagger/Jump Back. Not much happens unless falling or bumping into things in these scene could be bad.
Scream. Obviously reveal location and could attract other Clowns.
Stayed Cool. 

Special equipment might offset freaking out as many as 3 times in a game but this is up to the GM. Booze could offset freaking out to a point and then make it far worse.

Players start with equipment appropriate to the scenario set by the GM.
Only 1 piece of equipment will be available to a player in a sequel per level.
Players can sensibly collect equipment during a feature as it unfolds.

Attack Damage
Punch 1 die HTH
Knife 2 dice HTH
Bat 3 dice HTH
Machete/Sword/Axe 4 dice HTH
Chainsaw- 5 dice HTH
Low Calibre gun, thrown weapon 1 die
Med Calibre gun, Bow 2 dice
High Calibre gun 3 dice
Shotgun 4 dice
Dynamite stick 2 dice
Grenade 3 dice
Plastic explosive 5 dice
Seltzer Spray- 2 dice, temporary to people
Pie- 3 dice, temporary to people
Bucket of Glitter/Confetti- 4 dice, temporary to people
Rubber Chicken/Balloon Sword/ Goofy Mallet- 2dice HTH, temporary to people

Features,Scenes and Turns-
A Feature is an entire  Clown’pocalypse adventure (or session). A sequel is a new feature with new and surviving characters. A Feature should be playable in an evening but can stretch into 2 or 3 if players and GM are willing to do so.
A Feature can progress like a film or open RPG session as the GM feels is appropriate.

A scene is an encounter or situation in an extended encounter set up by player actions or GM decision. A scene has multiple turns and can have a clear objective such as "The Players have to run from the car into the house".

A turn is when the player get to do something it's usually a single action sometimes more can be done, sometimes an action can tie a PC up for the rest of the scene.

Run Away-
If players try to flee Clowns before an encounter they must roll 2dice + Run vs the Clowns rolling 1 die + speed to get away. This is usually only done once a scene.

Escaping from hand to hand combat without suffering any attacks from Clowns requires a roll of 2 dice +Brawl vs 2 dice + speed for Clowns.

Avoiding a Surprise attack from a Clown is 2dice+Brains vs 1dice+ Speed of Clown.

Levels and Experience-
Every 10 kills (or bonus point) a Player gains a level and gets to add a point to an ability score. A multi kill of 2 or more Clowns in a single attack is only counted as 2 kills towards experience. A Pc can only level up in the beginning of a scene they are active during and may level up no more than 3 times per feature.

Some Types of Clowns-
Mime- Defense 4, Body 3, Speed 1, React- 0
Hobo Clown- Defense 5, Body 2, Speed 2, React- 0
White Face - Defense 5, Body 3, Speed 2, React 1 (noisy clown a bunch can freak PCs out or possibly cause them to make a Laughter Checl)
Fat Clown- Defense 4, Body 2, speed 1, react 0 (destruction causes toxic bile to spray all nearby , PCs must save on DS-6 Brains check or become infected)
Auguste- Defense 7, Body 4, Speed 3, react 3 (can taunt: must make freak-out check  at -4)
Rodeo Clown- Defense 4, Body 4, Speed 4, react 3
Bumbling Clown- Defense 6, Body 6, Speed 2, react 1 (rolls 2 dice of damage)
Evil Clown- Defense 8, Body 5, speed 4, react 5 (can direct attacks of other Clowns, can taunt: must make freak-out check DF-7)
Famous Clown- Defense 9, speed 3 , react 6; Sharp witted-clown. They have 2dice +12 HP (same rules as PC wounds and can use weapons, control nearby Clowns and Cause Laughter.)

The scene after a player is hurt they can use bandages/medicine to recover 1/2dice worth of lost hit points after DS-6 Brains check . Resting for a scene restores 1 HP. No resting while nearby Clowns are groaning or taunting.

Clown Reactions
Roll 2dice+react score for Clowns encountered to see how they react to PCs unless the GM has designed a special encounter.
2d6 +Clown React score
Clown Reaction
The Clowns seem oddly distracted by something else and don't pay you any attention this scene
There is a 1 in 6 chance the clowns will do something funny.
The Clowns seem confused by the stimulus of fresh meat (roll again next turn)
The Clowns are surprised by the walking talking meat before them, they stand there for a turn salivating and attempting bad jokes(roll again next turn)
The Clowns stumble and cavort onward ready to attack
The Clowns howl, laugh, and prance as they attack. More clowns are sure to be attracted to the scene.

Clowns are occasionally funny, sometimes unnaturally funny. If something funny happens all that witness it must make a Laughter Check. PCS and NPCs rolls 2d6 adding Cool and Brains.

Laughter Result
5 or less
Gut-Buster, character helpless until shaken out of it and suffers 2d6 damage at the end of turn following incident
6 or 7
Break-Up, character helpless for next  1die turns,
8 or 9
Wet Pants, character laughs so hard they wet their pants. This increases the chance of clown encounters in following turns and makes it impossible to hide from clowns until cleaned up.
10 or 11
Cackle, helpless until end of turn, increases chance of clown encounters in following turns.
Chortle, anyone hiding will reveal themselves if they chortle.
Giggle, a soft harmless laugh
Dead-pan, no reaction

PCS are immune to laughter for the remainder of a feature if they have witnessed the death of 3 or more other PCs so far during the feature.

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